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Not boldly going

90 losses (and counting).


The worst Red Sox record since France left NATO and Star Trek premiered on network TV.


Somewhat fitting on the latter since this team pretty much looks like they've had all the salt sucked out of their system.


Red shirt. Red Sox. Imminent death. Coincidence? I think not.



The monster assumed Nancy Crater's identity. Fitting for a team of Nancys.

Wait, the baseball season is still going on? Huh. Hadn't noticed.

Live long and prosper Roberto Veet....somewhere else!

This team has a chance to stick it to the Skanks and make them play the wildcard play-in game or possibly a tie breaker for the AL East. I haven't cheered for them in a while but will do so for the last 3 games.

But Dice-K pitches on Wednesday. Sort of like Kevin Brown going in Game 7 in 2004.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd. How did he get off planet and end up managing the red shirts?

Wait, were we all aware that Francona is writing a tell-all book about the Sox with the fucking CHB? There are like 8 things wrong with that sentence. I can't... I just... I mean.... Fuuuuuuck.

That's news to me Natalie. Utterly depressing, disturbing news...

Agreed Natalie. That would suck. But given the massive enema the team has been having for the past year, he is the one who has eaten a lot but thrown almost none. Not entirely surprising if he feels the need to add his to the mess. Disappointing, but not surprising.

They are so bad that a total rebuild with rookies and a 2013 top draft pick, may cause ownership to keep Booby V in place to take the heat for another crappy season and to "work with the youngsters".
p.s. Gonzalez hitting .291 & Beckett with a 2.93 era in six starts. Ouch.

If it wasn't for this creepy site I wouldn't know they've lost 90 games. Patriots had me worried for a bit too yesterday - turned it on to find them down 21-7 to the fucking Bills. But Brady fixed that.

whole new meaning to the dreaded "Deep Space Nine"

Francona is also interviewing to coach the Cleveland Indians.

There was a time in the 60s when Roger C. Carmel seemed to be everywhere on TV.

If you want to feel good about baseball for a minute - Chipper Jones played his last regular season home game in Atlanta yesterday. A 19 year career all with the same team and a guaranteed first ballot election to the Hall of Fame in a few years. I was there for one of his first games in Atlanta.

Davey Johnson, Buck Showalter & the Veets.

All 3 were looking to resurrect managerial careers.

Two going boldly on, the other hopefully getting his red shirt demise. Wonder how DJ and BS would have done with this year's team. I think BS would have the same result. DJ - not so sure.

Anyone else fuming about what BV did to the Ryder Cup team?

On a brighter note, on the other side of the world, Sydney won the AFL Premiership. Sure it's not Collingwood and I know this is basically a Collinwood blog but they are the 9 year old sox fan's second team and mine too. It was a cracker of a game, and I have't posted photographs here for a while so here you go:


Congrats, SDU et fils! At least someone has something to cheer about (well besides us Patriot fans...)

Great photos!


Now we have a rally cry for next year: Win for McGlynn!

Thanks, SDU.

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