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More than one way to be a spoiler

Gotta love all the moaning and groaning from Orioles fans about not getting any so-called help from the Red Sox.


Like we owe anything to those mothahfuckahs.


Seriously, in 2004 the Orioles friggin rolled ovah for the Yankees every chance they got, every chance.


If you want to win it, you gotta earn it, bitches.


Jeffrey Maier wah wah wah.


Bunch of pussies.



I am appalled and a tad fascinated at how dark and twisty my feelings for the Sox have gotten this year. For the first time in my life, last night I was actively rooting for the Sox to lose to the Yanks. There's nothing in it for me if the Sox "play spoiler" (yawn, both the Os and the Yanks are in the playoffs, we can't really do dick, and as hb points out, the Os are whiny paste-eating kindergartners). I have discovered my deep, wide "Mean Mommy" streak (which usually only comes out at work when I want people to just do their shit rather than seek validation at every corner) also emerges in re: the Sox. Mean Mommy wants the Sox to be punished. Mean Mommy wants them to confront in humiliating fashion all the ways in which they have wronged the family. And Mean Mommy wants consequences. (I mean, being swept by the Yanks in the final series of the season could only be the final nail in the coffin of Roberto Veet, right?)

Can we just forfeit the next two games and save ourselves the indignity of two more blowout losses?

Heard a rumor that Tek has been hired as a Special Assistant to the General manager. Can anyone confirm?

Does anyone on this creepy site really think Veet will be back? I just can't see it. It's not just the 90+ losses and last place finish, but also the apparent total dysfunction between players, coaches and Veet. Its a complete train wreck and I can't fathom him returning.

The Orioles already got help from the Sox. They just played them.

Tek was hired - didn't you hear Natalie's squee last week?

Love it, h.b.

I can't see this team doing much of anything next year. Front office will probably keep Valentine for another year rather than eat his salary.

Creepy aside thought: While reading up on some Tek news in the online Herald I am again struck by the odd logo of the Mass Literacy Foundation.
Supposed to be MLF but always looks like MILF. Maybe it's a sexy librarian thing.

Not even competitive last night. O's are not going to make any noise in the playoffs. It would have been a small victory in this utterly depressing season if the JV Sox could have put forth some effort last night and won the game.


Doesn't sound like he knows what the hell he got hired for.

Natalie, I'm so fucking turned on right now. If I wear a Valentine mask, will you punish me?

Spank me,spank me!!

Wow, in a short few years I go from sweet, innocent girl with a foofy teal dress and adorable chocolate lab, to a mean mommy madam with leather bustier, stilletos and paddle. I blame the bus and the bourbon. And the fucking Sox :)

Tale of Sir Lancelot ;D

Used to kind of like the O's. But then the fans got rather dickish a few years ago. Then Buck. Fuck em.

And Natalie - all sounds like personal growth to me. But I cant quite get into the mean mommy fantasy - kind of an anti-fluffer for me. But I will drink bourbon aplenty sitting on the roof of the bus with ya.

Jeff in NC, neither can I, to be honest. On the dominance spectrum where the themes of *(risible crap) 50 Shades of Grey are the far right and Mean Mommy "Spank Me" dominatrix are on the far left, I am definitely right of center in my fantasies. So bourbon on the roof of the bus it is. I'll bring the cigars (oh come on... sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ;)

I've never felt this way before. I swear. I'm more Christian Grey then Elizabeth McGraw, to mix metaphors from a crappy book and crappy film.

Must be the 2012 red sox speaking. Yup. Fuck it. Spank me, spank me, Bobby V.

Ooh, naughty Zoot. Naughty, naughty Zoot! ;-)

Well, having been around Steelers territory, the twentieth non-winning season for the Pirates was noted in a small note in the Press. Here, we organize a mob, there, they just shrug and wonder when Andrew McCutcheon will leave for NYY, LAD, LAA or (Dare I ask for him, Santa?) BOS?
The relief from the angst?
Wondering how long I will have the IC Squirts, why bother.
Seeing Steelers fans experience the true dreck of the Mudville Bills at the hands of Tom Brady?
Skinned 'em--big. I told them that the Bills are to the NFL what this last two seasons Red Sox are really about.
Well, well, hi Chairman. He's purring at me now. He knows good staff is hard to find.
Naughty Zoot, Naughty, bad girl...
Oh, 'ere ye are, we're 'ere to rescue ye
I don't need to be rescued.
Oh, yes you do...

But sometimes it is not. Just a cigar.

But to be blunt. Ha! Given how a good cigar, much less a cheap one can sometimes give a slight burn to the lips as it is smoked, I have always thought the Lewinski was a possibly unsatisfying move.

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