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Just let Siri pick

So when the Red Sox interview managerial candidates "the process is grueling."


No, shit, "candidates are asked dozens of questions and are tested via video simulations to determine how sound their strategy would be."


And yet...


This is the same "process" that led to Bobby Fucking Valentine?


I'm not really tingling with confidence ovah heah.



I think Larry slipped Bobby V. the answers before the test.

I heard it was Candy Crowley who did.

How did this process result in Valentine, some might ask? Think of it as the Redsox were a hot chick picking the guy to go to the prom with. And after many grueling hours of thinking and talking to her girlfriends and such, she throws all good data down the crapper and picks that douche. And all ask "wha?" and the only answer left is "dude must be hung". Or in the case of the bvdouche, "but he speaks japanese! How cool is that!"

Valentine confused them by wearing a fake mustache

Was that the process that brought us Roberto Veet, or did Lucky just decide on him and push him through over objections? I thought it was the latter, so maybe we can all bust into the FO and chain Lucchino in the basement, Sloth from the Goonies style, until this process is over?

Whoever they hire will be an improvement over Veet. Farrell, Pena, potted plant, ghost of Dick Williams, Grady Little...oh,er, wait...

The hiring process is a tangled web of mutual deception and bullshit. The three guys in the office are using their leverage between one another, not unlike a sumo wrestling match. The cndidates are hiding their weaknesses and trying to close on a deal. They know that to get this job, they have to be the anti-Veets.
The gorilla in the room? The performance of Sir Terry Francona.

Here's the what: the Sox want Farrell. They either need to make the deal to get him and stop the charade of interviewing others, or choose from one of the (probably) capable gents that have already gone through the "process".

This- a bunch of meaningless interviews and then hiring the person everyone thought the would anyway- is what got them Bobby V last year. I thought Ben said he wanted to do things differently this time...

Back to the title - Who does Siri pick?

I don't have her in my grasp yet. One more drink, I'll show her this cool bus I ride around in and me thinks I'll have her.

Siri, Who should manage the Sox?
(Which? Do you mean athletic, dress or theraputic?)
No, Who should manage the Red Sox?
(Red socks should be washed in warm/cool water to preserve color integrity.)
Is Bobby Valentine the worst manager the Sox have had since Johnny Mac?
(Please re-phrase the question)
Can the Sox get John Farrell away from the Jays?
(Please re-phrase the question)
Are the (Censored) in trouble with Jeter out of the line up?
(They're so screwed.)
Who wins Giants or Cardinals?
(Giants have better Quarterback.)

I just asked Siri, "Who should be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox"? Her answer?

"Would you like me to search the web?"

Evidently, the Sox are using the same technique.

Great comments, especially the previous too from Bob and cmdr.

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