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It's only Tuesday

Oh, wow. The Red Sox have frozen ticket prices. How magnanimous of them.


Now if they were truly magnanimous they'd offer a rebate to anyone who went to game between Septembah 2011 and Septembah 2012.


Meanwhile, Tony Pena step right up.


Who aren't the Red Sox interviewing?


Seriously. Take a numbah, wait you turn.


It's like a deli.


How's the mortadella?



Mortadella. More hidden messages, huh? This is like the cold war. We are staring at tea leaves and goats.

Scutaro looked good last night. Why can't we get players like that? Seriously this Cherington has to go. Any 1% want to buy a baseball team. So ready for some owners who give a shit.

I have just one thing to say: gabbagool.

Sometimes deli meats are just deli meats.

I love mortadella. And gabbagool. Oh and jamon de Iberico.

I love Dinosaur stew...with Mammoth bones,and Mastadon meat ;D

I now really really want charcuterie for lunch. Oh and Tony Pena is cool- I always liked him even though in my recollection he barely hit above the Mendoza line while playing for the Sox.

I don't remember much about Pena's hitting, just the funky positions he used to get in behind the plate.Still, I always liked him too, at least till he started wearing pinstripes...

I went to Spain a few years ago and got addicted to that acorn-fed Iberian ham. Try to buy it in the States and it is 90-100$ per pound.

I can get you some for half that price, da kine. Except the pigs were fed ACORN activists, so they have a slightly different taste.

While the sox march the candidates through the "who has the best scarf buying advice" gauntlet, anyone else here enjoying the schedenfreude of benchings, broken ankles and Swisher hurt feelings as the creatures turn on him? Kind of tasty I must say.

I met Tony Pena once, with my then 10 year old son.

Son: I am big fan.

TP "mm ph"

Sign him up

My funny Tona Pena stories- he signed a ball for me in Ft Myers back in the day we used to hit Spring Training for our March vacations in Sanibel- very cool and approachable. And then as a freshman in college at the local bar was chatting Sox with a HOT senior from the baseball team and I mentioned being disappointed that Pena was batting near the Mendoza line and the guy almost coughed up his beer - he then asked me to tell him what the Mendoza line is (which I did, with aplomb) then called his buddies over, going: "Hey, this girl knows what the Mendoza line is." I was so proud... and yet, I didn't get laid. :)

That guy's loss.

In the meantime, if ticket prices are frozen then I think we're going to finally see a $8 Fenway Frank in my lifetime. Barf.

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