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What a difference a day makes.... I'm suddenly optimistic about the future for the first time in a long, long time.


Yeah, nothing like reading the words "Red Sox intend to fire Valentine when season ends."


Well, yeah, that, too.


Uh, Doug, I — you may want to move on to another topic.





Spank me, Mittens.

Abby said the president look "pickled" last night. She didn't mean drunk; she said he looked liked he'd been kept in sour brine for several days.

Who has the "It's a wrap" headline for Bobby V the other day? Because if the Herald doesn't use that when he gets canned, it's a crying shame.

Obama looked like he'd been crated on the top of Romney's car for the drive to Denver.

Does Roberto Veet really imagine that throwing the coaches under the bus yesterday is going to slow us down? I'm hitting the gas and mowing that fucker down at first opportunity, I hate him so much. Do we think the announcement he is gone will happen today? Pretty please, Ben, with sugar on top? I polished up my dancing shoes last night rather than watching the debate; so ready to put them on and boogie down.

Worst record since 1965 and Yaz's reign as last triple crown winner comes to an end. Could be worst ....

B♥ is just a silly man.


1) This season sucked without you. After the 15-9 comeback game, it was never the same. Seriously, a division race with the Red Sox is fun. A division race with Buck Showalter is like having a lingering cold.
2) Hopefully for entertainment's sake, Obama pulls some wacky shit like Gore in the second debate in 2000, getting in Romney's face and whatnot.

I could kill ownership for fucking this season so bad. It caused apathy to the whole season for me. Then we get a triple crown and i could not even get into it. That sucks.

Please polish this turd and fire V soon.

No real difference between Romneycare/Obamacare, just as there's no real difference between Dems & Republicans. Only that Romney has an executive's sense of urgency, and Obama probably better suited for the Senate.

Go A's!

Goodbye Bobby,that one brown eye winking will be me ;O

Still think we should have hired Ozzie last year.Can you imagine that shitstorm? ;D


Wrap...me. CHB took it to print today.

Next prediction: BobbyV - selling bonds in Shanghai with Big Bird.

Wait, so you have to pay for an online Boston Globe subscription to read the CHB's column? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! *crying laughing* *wipes eyes* Yeah, he's a real premium draw....

Oh, and this is perfect. A nice list of all the reasons I loathe this man, and have for years: http://deadspin.com/5947096

Fire V. Fire O. Go A's.

Just got back from lunch and saw the news. I am so fucking happy, I think I'm going to be smiling for a week. Our long national nightmare is over.

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!! DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!


From the Red Sox:

The Boston Red Sox today announced, following a meeting among team leaders and Manager Bobby Valentine, that Bobby will not return in 2013. A search for a new manager will begin immediately.

(That was fast. I wonder if they called him while he was picking up a cheesecake and some salumi at Zabars.)

Odd quote from Ben C.: "With an historic number of injuries, Bobby was dealt a difficult hand. Unfortunately, he chose to use that hand to pleasure himself rather than properly manage the ballclub."

Yeah!!!!!!! :) :) :).

HB... you need a "breaking news" panel.

Happy Day! Happy Dance! I can now return to wearing my Boston baseball cap.

This is a rough approximation of how I feel, and it's what I would be doing right this second if I weren't currently sitting dead center of a client's cube farm. http://www.cweden.com/snoopy/animated/snoopy-13.gif

Boo Yaaaaaa! And in my mind I see the Bus (yes, capitalized) parked atop the mound, passengers dancing on top, bourbon and smoke aplenty, singing a joyful noise. Good Day Sunshine!

Let the 2013 season begin!!!! So long, Bobby...we hardly knew ya!

I've always liked these two for times like this:

Yeah,baby! Buh-bye. What part don't you get, the "buh" or the "bye?" So happy for our driver Natalie. Finally our long National nightmare is over. Or at least part of it.

Sorry soxinsix, didn't realize I'd stolen your line!

So who is going to replace him?

I've got the perfect guy to replace Bobby:

Joe Biden

No problem Red, we are celebrating today, baby! We're sharing everything, cigars, bong hits, swigs of whiskey out of the bottle, taking turns driving the bus, you name it. The party is ON!!!

Dear Bobby (and what adult male goes by "Bobby" anyways?):
Don't let the door hitcha
Where the dog bitcha
Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish!!

I know I may sound like a wack-job, but would it insane to ask if Tito could come back...you know, like one of those stupid break-ups in college:

You thought you could do better than your current, dependable GF, so you went out with the wacko, hot chick, and after the first week not only did she not sleep with you, she ran off all your friends, spent your money and drank all your booze and picked fights with really big guys in bars who kicked your ass...like that?

Figures, I get some work to do and all shit breaks loose. My boss is staring at me, guess he wants some water, or fresh food.
Nope, he wants his box cleaned.
Hey, why not Chairman Meow to manage the Sox? He's 56 in cat years. Likes Don and Jerry,
Hates most humans otherwise.
He loves Glenda the Good Witch, because she gives males of two species a good sexy rub. One of the species gets crazy, the other just purrs.
Addicted to chicken and beer. The beer part? I spilled some in his dish. He likes Mr. Buddy Weiser too, it seems. Sounds like the 2011 Sox pitchers. He read that and gave me a very dirty look.
Obama had the look of a guy playing in a game with all the other players cards known to him, and then having the ear piece fall out.
Too bad the Bamster will win in the end, too many deadbeats vote.
Too many parasites vote.
Too many dead people vote.

Jack Wrong- the only way that would work is if Tito has the self esteem of a humiliated sorority girl.... I can see why the Sox might think he does, what with suspecting him of rampant pill abuse and sexual shenanigans. Sounds like a tri-Delt to me!

The 1990 1-15 Patriots had more heart than this pathetic team. Cherington should fire himself as well for one of the worst trades in MLB history. Ownership will need to change before this gets better.

I was too much under the Jamisons yesterday when I called for Tito as possibility...thoughts not in the coherent range...thanks Jackie Wrong...I have seen stranger things...humiliated (a)sorority girl, drug abuse, sexual shenanigans...been there. Tito could win a 3rd before '13 -- the players would love him

The Farrell Express is picking up steam and about to cross the border.

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