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Attitudes and platitudes

Seriously. Personal accountability is to fucking overrated these days.


And let's face it. Larry would have nevah hired Valentine in the first place if it wasn't for bringing in John Kerry to help with the prep work.


Burn John Kerry! He's a witch!



Burn John Kerry? Naah. Too boring, he's a 10 to Algore's 9 for being boring. He tends to drone like a furnace blower in the winter.

Bobby V wasn't a mistake. Mistakes are minor, correctable. Bobby V was a crime; managerial manslaughter at best, capital murder of a team at worst.

Everyone's probaly already read this, but I find it to be a modern masterpiece of genteel and snide all rolled up into one neat package. Alas, Cleveland, you have gotten a prize.


Jim Rice for Sox Manager, 2013!

That Arroyo guy threw a nice game yesterday. How come we don't have pitchers like that?

Typical from Yankeefandom - in chatting with some of that ilk, they are assured of making it through the ALDS because Showalter used to be a Yankee and once a Yankee always a Yankee, or some such horseshit. Doesnt matter who wins, they will take credit. ALL have personal accountability to them.

So, keeping with above described douchebaggery, i looked it up... As long as the Cardinals dont win it all, the Redsox will.

John Kerry turned me into a newt!

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