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A Fall Classic

Your omniscient author in absentia:
It's that time of the year again, the Fall Break.

And, no, you're not imagining it—I've taken a crapload of vacations this year.

Let's just hope I don't run into A-Rod who, coincidentally, is starting a fall vacation today, too.



Last year, I carved a Tiki pumpkin. This year, I might just do an A-rod-O-Lantern. It'll be tricky getting the blue lips right, but two oven mitts attached to the side should complete the look.

Don't forget the purse Bob.

You gotta figure out how to make the eyes look ready to tear up. His on field interview the other day about being benched, with watery eyes, was pure ecstacy.

And bacne from the roid usage.

first, i look at the purse.

lc geils

I suppose I could also stick a catcher's mitt on its face.

Have to go to a meeting now that'll last the rest of the work day. Joy.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Have a great break, too, H.B.

I cannot possibly describe how wonderful it's been to listen to NY sports radio today. HB, enjoy your break and thank you for something to look forward to during this abysmal season.

I cannot possibly describe how wonderful it's been to listen to NY sports radio today. HB, enjoy your break and thank you for something to look forward to during this abysmal season.

And hush with the talk about shoving gloves in faces -- Apparently from http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/harper-yankee-admits-bombers-jolted-bronx-jeers-article-1.1187331 it appears that even Evil Ones are sensitive and easily unsettled.

Too bad about A Fraud, Nicky Swish, Markie Teixeira, and C.C. Sabathia. See you guys on the links. Their likelihood of visiting their captain? Don't make me laugh.
Bet none of 'em saw Rivera. But, he can play 9.
hb, enjoy your "rest". Ya made the trauma almost bearable.

It is depressing the A-dick's bikini model is Australian. Brings shame upon all of us. Yankees suck (almost as much as the Sawx).


OK,they got Farrell-now how about some pitching??

I think the Red Sox brass thinks Farrell MEANS better pitching. I guess we'll find out.

A return trip to the Super Bowl does not look particularly likely at this point.

hb, if you happen to be in London on this vacation, can you please swing by Wembley and play defensive back for the Pats on Sunday? Have your wife suit up too. What a train wreck.

I think all comments of support from the veterans is telling. This hire was made to calm the club house and keep the the core players happy.

Which might be a great plan. Time will tell...

Big Papi will still want at least two years.Sox management (not the brightest guys on the earth) will offer one year. Bye, bye David. Good luck finding a team that will give you two years.

Just read an article in Sports Illustrated about Drew Carey, who owns the Seattle Major League Soccer Franchise, having the fans vote at the end of the season about whether to retain or fire the general manager. Intriguing idea! Which brings up the question about whether or not Red Sox Nation should help make decisions on how to manage the Red Sox! What d'yall think?

What do i think? I think i vote to have the owners be forced to sell the team to me for $3.50. Then I will take the other $14.35 in my pocket and double the talent on our pitching staff. But actually letting us vote? Bad idea. We're a bunch of bitches. And we are still bus drunk.

I think the Federal Gvt. should institute a 'no MLB franchise left behind' policy.

I'd be happy if they would just sell me a beer at Fenway for $3.50.

If anyone is going to join the Pats in London they need help rushing the passer, not guarding the receivers--no secondary can cover indefinately--note the time that Sanchez had all through the game, the extra 1,2 & three seconds is the difference.


The Giants win the pennant! (x4)

Ferrell gets introduced today. Over under on the amount of times somebody refers to him as Bobby?

Scutaro, 14 hits and NLCS MVP. How come we can't get players like that?

Six, they had players like that and they got greedy, looking for "Value", and performance from one player.

I wonder if the redsox were a bit hasty in making the Farrell hire... Ozzie just came on the market!

Not quite sure which team has the worse ownership group. The Marlins traded their bust of a closer (and cash) to AZ for a A-level infielder hitting in the 230s.

Maybe the sox should call the d-backs and see if they need a pitcher (Lackey) to go along with their new closer.

It was nice to hear Farrell's normal voice yesterday. A refreshing change after months of Valenwhine.

Now Veet is bashing Papi, saying he quit on the team? Can whomever is in charge of the bus please make a beeline for him at ramming speed?

What a tool. Even IF Papi quit on the team, its manager job to keep that from happening. So who did the quitting? They hire managers for more than just being a sunglass display rack. Well, I hear some teams do anyway.

I am feeling more charitable about Veet since he lost his job and no longer has any control over my favorite team, so I'm going go with bruise-and-batter speed rather than full on ramming mode. If that's okay with the other bus denizens?

Yeah, ok Nat, as long as pain is inflicted...

Nat, just run the (proverbial) bus ahead of the Veetster while he's riding his bike;-).

I like cmdr's idea and we can spray him with windshield wiper fluid, bong water, remnants of wounded soldiers, other fluids on board...Feeling better already.

Fuck him Natalie, I say full ramming speed with double secret back over the bastard afterwards. The guys a lying jerk off.

Did I miss something?

"I hate those guys", said Dean Wormer-Valentine...

I'm assuming our bus is tricked-out James Bond-style. So release the oil slick and fire the reverse sidewinders.

M Scutaro 2B 4 2 2 2 0 0 18 .500 .500 .500

The hits keep coming. Fuck you Cherrington.

Caught a few minutes of the series last night. McCarver's comment about Sandoval's second homer - Two fastballs that traveled a combined 190 miles per hour. 95 miles per hour each. Someone want to help me figure that one out?

I thought the same thing, yazbread. And I'm not exactly Mr. Math.

We're getting close to reaching maximum capacity on this thread. So a little early today: Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. And the space to do it.

One post a day,we can go ano
ther week ;O

Two fast balls with a combined speed of 190 miles per hour? Huh? I never knew that you could combine fast balls like that to get a greater speed( tongue in cheek).

Interesting description. It's either that the person speaking really did not have a clue that what they were saying is totally inaccurate, or they thought that no one else would pick up the error. Take your pick or suggest another reason. That's just plain silly.

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