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You know I'm running out of things to say, right?

It would have been bettah if told Ordway, "You know I invented the knuckle wrap sandwich, right? You wants?"


He should have said the whole thing in Japanese.


And with big anime eyes.



This is the first time all season I've felt sorry for Bobby. To paraphrase the immortal Steve Gutman,

"I'm not a psychologist, but I think I just listened for an hour to a person who is in some turmoil and deserves our understanding and our consideration."

ahh. Fuck him.

Classy guy, Roberto Veet. A true leader of men. It's shit like that- all the mouthiness, the sarcasm, the eye-rolling, the arrogant immaturity- that was the reason I loathed his hiring. He is not my type of baseball man. At. All.
br>This is, unequivocably, the best part of the article:
Red Sox owner John Henry has said that Valentine will finish out the season. But team officials have not committed to him beyond that. Valentine is signed through 2013, but the odds of his returning are slim.//

It's just Bobby being Manny.


I wish I could be wherever Natalie is on the day the Bobby V is officially fired. I'm sure the party will be...

...wait for it...


Why wait any longer? Lets just do Veet and us a favor and put an end to his miserable season now. I realize Joe Morgan's not walking through that door, but I'd settle for Tracy Morgan. Or Captain Morgan. Or Morgana.

Introducing Bobby V Brass Knuckle Unders. At first, they seem like the real deal. But after five months, they break.

Ah, Veets must miss the glitz glamor of Bristol CT!
Hey, since there's no upside to whacking Bobby, and he's willing to put up with all the horse shit he has to put up with. I have argued that Pawtucket's manager could take over, and when the Paw Sawx get eliminated, then Arnie Beyeler can take the helm of his (except Laser Show and Big Papi) ball club and begin "2013, the Search for a 90 win team".

The Red Sox don't need a new manager or first baseman or front line pitcher as much as they need a spokesperson to handle the press.

Maybe its in their job descriptions that they have to talk to the press, but so is managing and playing well and they arent doing either of those. So why not just stop talking to the press? A spokesman would help but they could just shut the fuck up and keep the embarassing stuff on the field. This team continues to piss on the their own shoes.

Remember about 5 years ago when the Sox were in first place and they got into the playoffs and fell behind 3 games to 1 against Cleveland but won the pennant and the World Series?

And we had a great manager and Matsuzaka actually pitched well and Beckett was the undisputed ace and pitched like one?

And, unlike Lackey and Aceves, we had players like Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek who defined what it meant to be a professional.

God, I miss those days.

Larry, you left out the most bizarre line of all . . . and we had JD Drew, the savior of the Cleveland series.

Redemption is only a grand slam away.

Remember eight years ago when we beat the Yasnks after being down 0-3, then won the WS under a full moon?

Yeah, that was great...

Admit to having felt a little sorry for the Veetster, then I hear him throwing Joe Maddon under the bus.

Wait, whaa? Oh f--- you, Bobby. Wish you'd *really* gotten tied up in that traffic and you and your son both missed the game. This can't end too soon.

As every day ticks on with BV STILL the manager, I do think of Natalie who predicted this cesspool way back when (ah, spring was in the air and we had hope). Rob, I thought the same re BV tossing Joe Maddon under the bus (Natalie's bus? Oh no, she'd drive into oncoming traffic to hit Bobby and miss Joe).

I am remiss. Boom. With last night's loss we bid farewell to Scott. A prediction of 88 wins seemed to be placed with just the right amount of caution. Who knew. Finishing the season at a .500 clip puts the team at 75 wins.

Rob, not just a full moon- a fucking lunar eclipse!!!

Does lc have any lunar sunsets for rent? If so, we need one about now. If not, I'd settle for Morgan Fairchild.

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