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Try this on for size

Your creepy author is unavailable today, so I give you Lisa the Temp …

Lisa the Temp:
Did you miss me, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
Oh, I've been around.


Lisa the Temp:
You know, hiding in plain sight and all.


Lisa the Temp:
You probably walked right past me and didn't notice me here OP extraordinaire keeping the griefers at bay.


Lisa the Temp:
Speaking of getting noticed, did you see that when women "test drive" larger breasts before a boob job they end up choosing even larger implants?


Lisa the Temp:
It's called extrapolation, peeps. Discuss amongst yourselves.



Ah, Lisa, life without pressure, and you sometimes get paid, too.
Speaking of life without pressure the Sox are getting some chemstry after having gotten the ship righted and facing crappy pitching over the weekend. Now, the relaxed "New Edition Sox" broke open a no-hitter that, a week ago, they would have just gone quietly through the motions, not caring at all. Just show up and get the money. Lisa: Sox 2012 poster girl.
She will take a paycheck and not care at all.
For she knows she's a leaser.
Not a keeper. (Nava., Ciriaco..)
She's just Liser.
On loan. Not caring.
Charley Card ready.*
*Channelling a frustrated poet who taught English/Language Arts back when Yaz was the next attraction, and the Sox couldn't hit real pitching, and didn't care a lick. Seems very familiar to me.

Sox win, yawn. More importantly, I'm throwing my full support behind whichever candidate promises free boob test drives for women! That's the hope and change I want to see.

Soxinsix, I think you'll like this commercial:


I love the blatant comment trolling of a Lisa+tits strip, hb. Nice work. :)

Today's a good day: new book by Salman Rushdie and new album by Dwight Yoakam, two of my favorites. Plus, it's blustery fall rain outside- perfect weather to put on some good music and dive into a book, fuck work and fuck the Red Sox.

Also- new record from Drivin N Cryin today - a six song EP that pays homage to their punk roots.

Wow, I really expected a Lisa strip where she's talking about breast enhancement to bring out all sorts of fun Soxaholix salaciousness. That it didn't really speaks to our collective Walker Percy-esque malaise this Sept 2012 of Red Sox baseball, dontcha think?

Too true Natalie. Sigh.

love you, love the show.

See you in a bit.

Your pal, lc.

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