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Takers v Makers

Hey, look, the Red Sox are playing "Romneyball."




Yeah, they're not just going to handout goodies to ne'er-do-wells like the Rays, they're gonna make you work for it.


Meanwhile, at this point I think the best we can hope for is the Red Sox looks like the ending 2012 with a "47%" winning percentage.


Yep followed by an offseason of "Cash for Clunkahs."



Romneyball is starting to resemble Calvinball. There aren't any rules, nobody keeps score, but somehow he still loses to the stuffed shirt, er tiger.

Bobby V may have lost the debate against Maddon, but it looks like he may win Florida.

Hard to believe, but at 68-81, cmdrflake is still standing tall on that hilltop in the hot Montana sun.

Great reference, yazbread.

I'm just waiting for the TARP program. Terminate Asshole Roberto (Veet) Pronto!

Romneyball looks to ensure that Bobby V will get four more years.

Cash for clunkahs.. Aint that the truth. Problem with the Romneyball analogy is its too accurate. They are only playing 53% of the game (5 out of 9 players if yer doing yer math), igoring the part they dont like, you know, the part thats hard to deal with. Great strategy unless the other team gets crazy and goes ahead and fields a little more effort on those other players. You can get a few small victories but overall, suckitude.

Amazing that what I thought was an old standard for the Sox would be a statistical near impossibility at this early date.
Calvinball had a problem for it's creator. Anyone(Hobbes) could declare himself the winner at any time. So, I am the winner, by the rules, (such as they are) for Calvinball! And, all you Calvins, I said I won first! Pfffffttttt!

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