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So how does it feel to be a spoilah?


If feels fucking great.


Yeah, now I finally know what it's like to by Taylor Swift crashing a Kennedy beach picnic.


Are you kidding me? I feel like an Egyptian spoiling the solemnity of the 9/11 Anniversary.


Hey, nobody puts the bearded prophet in the cornah!


Well, except for Jesus. You can a likeness of him in a jar of piss and put it in a cornah and that's totally cool.


But that's the nature of Jesus, he's tough like that...


I mean think about it—you can nail Jesus to a wooden cross, torture him, crucify him, whatever, and a couple days latah, "Whooop, there he is!"


That's because Jesus is the Chuck Norris of Gods. He scoffs at your puniness.


I dunno that Kali seems pretty tough too.


Kali vs Jesus, no holds barred, including multiple holds with multiple ahms.


Wait a second, Kali? Are you friggin kidding me? If I'm Jesus' people I'm all "Who has she faced?"


Let's see what Kali does against Ditka, then we'll talk.



Hmmm, Kali is the goddess of time and change. Perhaps we could beseech her to take us back to August 31, 2011 and make a few changes.

"Whoops, there he is". Funny as hell, hb.

Could Mohammed move a mountain or was that just PR?

Jesus was way cool:


I think it's "whoomp, there he is." With an 'm.' Sorry, I am not sure why I care enough even to post that correction.

Sox playing spoiler and helping boot the Yanks to wild card would be a single rose petal on the large heap of dung that is this season- but I'll take it!

Interesting point about the corrections: I try to keep the speech "real" which means the characters, like real people, often say things incorrectly (e.g., Whoops rather than Whoomp). So in that light, should it be fixed?

Related, on occassion I'll have a character purposely say something "off" just give them a character flaw. For instance, you may or may not have noticed that Bill has on occasion mentioned things or joke which have past their hip/cool expiration date. But that makes sense for Bill, as he isn't up to date culturally at all.

Just throwing this out there....

Note though that Doug saying "Whoops" is a true error on my part, but still not sure it should be corrected for the same reasons as I put forth above.

Whoops is funnier, which will always be my answer, for everything.

Just noticed I said "Whoops" in my comment but Doug says "Whoop". So whoops by me. Either way that panel was fucking hysterical.

hb, Doug is in what is a largely white office, so who would correct him? He wouldn't say it in front of the blacks there, for fear of being fired for insensitivity, or just being ridiculed. He is thin skinned and insecure.
I rather enjoy That Team from the Bronx being 4-12 in their last 16 games. An NFL team doing the 4-12 thing is just another season of futility for the Mudville Bills. But, That Team doing that? Oh, baby. Let the fun begin. Reality returns tonight. Dig this while we can.

There is actual 'what the fuck is going on here?' in the eyes of my Yankee fan friends today. It's so very delicious.

speaking for myself, h.b., as someone who is also well past his hip/cool expiration date, I probably wouldn't have even noticed Bill's faux pas. I would've just thought he was the shiz. Whoops, there I go again

Jesus (spanish pronunciation) and Kali may be having their UFC duel, but I think while they are duking it out Crom has taken control of Redsox land. Crom does not abide shitty performance.

Add me to the list of those who absolutely cracked up at the "Whooop, there he is!" line.

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