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Next year Henry's gonna swell the gourd, ok?

Well, unlike my white linen trousahs, Bobby Valentine is still with us aftah Labah Day.


Talk about much ado about nothing... Ownahship flies all the way out to the West Coast to, what, watch this team play? Really?


Maybe while he was out there, John Henry wanted to drop in on Billy Beane and get his opinion on some fall scarves.


Hey, don't you fucking worry about John Henry. Dude's got it all figured out.


Christ, while he's at it, why doesn't he bail out the Muslim Brothahood in Egypt?


They do have excellent taste in scarves.



The firing day is young. I still think Bobby V is going to get canned in the next day or two.

Boom. Goodbye Rob in CT. Predicted 89 wins. Pats-Titans loom large.

//The firing day is young. I still think Bobby V is going to get canned in the next day or two.//

*still afraid to say anything, lest I jinx it*

I think that Bobby V. will have a convenient appointment with his doctor, who, surprise, surprise will tell Veets he ought to get away for a while, or other words to that effect.
Depending upon how deeply they go in the playoffs,a big call up could be Arnie Beyeler, who should manage "his" team to the end.
Me thinks I'll be dead before this weekend, when they post loss 82.

yb- did I predict 86 wins? I can't remember. That seems so unlikely now and at the time it felt pretty pessimistic. Ugh.

Natalie - you had 86 wins. Your days are numbered. Unless the teams finishes 24 and 2.

Holy shit, 24-2 to get to 86 wins. That's amazing. You know, when I started this whole Bus to Last Place thing in April, a big part of me thought I was being overly dramatic. I don't think I honestly thought we could ever be this bad; the bus was just a humorous way to air my frustrations with the Veet hiring, team dysfunction and ownership complacency. I am not sure whether to be proud of my prescience or just sad. I know: let's let 3 fingers of boubon and a spliff help me figure it out.

Please be right Bob
Please be right Bob
Please be right Bob

What's the point of firing Bobby now? All you'd do is ruin the life of some innocent coach. October is a wonderful time to begin a spell of unemployment - one can watch playoff baseball, for instance.

Just don't end up on a corner begging for vodka,Nat ;O

Crazy story, right, Rich? Amazing thing: I saw him this morning at 7:15 in the bagel place carrying his gym bag and looking VERY shaky on his pins. Dude had an epically rough night. (Long story short: walking the dog along 1st Ave last night around 10pm came across a well-dressed early 30s ish gentleman barely able to stand and begging passersby for vodka- "do you like vodka? do you have any vodka? can I have some of your vodka?" Gotta love NYC.)

Don't give up. There's always the possibility of an epic yankees collapse.


Some people put their summer wear away
After labor day.
I go out and restock my whiskey.
Lou'vilisadepravedholebutNewYorkmanagestobethecenterofworlddepravity.LasVegas? UniquelydepravedandfuckingproudofitSodoman'GomorrahliveinVegas.
Channeling my inner Hunter S.Thompson.

How weirdly random and kinda freaky, Natalie. I don't know whether to pity the guy or laugh about it.
We've got a blind guy that lives down our road and frequents the local- sometimes he has a few too many and, well, the result is him walking down the road using his cane as a baton/sword. His dog must think WTF!? I certainly did the first time I saw it.

JH really does need to go middle east to pick out scarves. As you might guess, given the copious amount of scarf wearing in that part of the world, there is a huge amount of really the most attractive scarves you will ever see for sale in every shop and every street corner. Demand and Supply - Capitalism is alive and well no matter what name and profanity it goes by. A week long stay in Instanbul a couple years ago was quite enlightening. They look far better on an attractive muslim woman than a hairy gun waving terror type, so scarf shopping we went.

I am of the Veet Is Gone Very Soon ilk myself.

Only two questions remain. Where are you going to park the bus and how do I get home from there?

Courtesy Bill Simmons again - last time we were this bad we drafted Trot Nixon. Not bad. Play for last I say! And, maybe Trot can pick up the driving duties for the remainder of the season.

Here comes blasphemy. trot Nixon = overrated.


And they said Valentine wouldn't last past Labor Day (okay I said that). Sigh. Maybe he won't make it past Patriot Day? Which my calendar says is 9-11. Surely not Patriots Day!

Patriots day is the second Sunday of September, unless they get roped into starting on the Thursday before that or Monday after.
Yes, I know Patriot's day is the third Monday in April. It's a day players dread, (11:10 AM Start) unless they have to drive their kids to school. So, they just go to Fenway rather than back home.

So let me get this straight:

I'm out of the pool with what I thought at the time was a low ball win number of 89 (' cause I was feeling pessimistic that day). Does that reserve me a place on Natalie's bus?

Hope so... It's lonely here on this dark road trying to hitch a ride to somewhere, anywhere.... :(

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