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Nadya Suleman will be singing the Anthem

OK, OK, we can all relax now because the cunning Red Sox ownahship has found a way to end this dismal of all dismal seasons on a veritable high note...


Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, the Red Sox will honor the 2004 World Series champion team and unveil an all-time Fenway Park team during the final two home games of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday, Sept. 25 and Wednesday, Sept. 26.


So quit yer bitchin.


So this is an 8 year anniversary honoring the 2004 club rathah than the traditional 10?


10 year anniversaries are way the fuck overrated.


Yeah, nobody does 10 year anniversaries anymore because they're way too populah.


I do think at a certain point you've waited long enough. Let me be clear, eight is enough.


Are you kidding me, Lucchino is bringing octal back... this is going to be the most important 8 since the Beatles released Eight Days a Week.


Let's face it, we all know that when the Roman army conquered a village, if rathah than practicing decimation they'd instead gone with octimation, well, we'd all be speaking Latin today.


Vero nihil verius, bitches.



Well, I ate eight pounds of meat yesterday. And had an eight pound shite this morning (it came out in the shape of Stephen Gostkowski). So it all makes sense.

Our collective memories are reaching a point where we...uh...shit. Ten years ago was, uh... Grady?
Ace and Stub Hub have to be worried they won't be able to get markup on the tickets for a meaningless pair of games in miserable weather watching two piss poor teams. Make that a piss poor team and a team that simply sucks.

The ceremony will be televised on ESPN 8 - The Ocho!

You know your confidence with ownership is at an all-time low when the first thing you think upon reading the title about Octomom singing at Fenway is not "hilarious, hb" but rather "are you fucking kidding me, fucking assholes."


That gave me a literal LOL.

Really is a perfect example of the how glum things have become.

*** REMINDER ***

Work stuff tomorrow interfering with strip. You'll just have placeholder. (Kind of like the 2012 Red Sox.)

The 2012 Boston Placeholders. If its just masturbating between the last real thing and the next real thing, placeholder. But if they dont get out of the basement, then placeholders not - they are just BigBri.

They're still playing?

Nice. I think the 2004 team should be remembered, but this is kinda a back-cockward way to do it (backward and "dick" thing to do by ownership imho). The 2004 team doesn't deserve to be associated with this dismal season.

I was also hoping we would get a link of Lucky Larry shacked up with Octomom or something. I mean how else would she be associated with ownership?

The front office will spend the next three years milking the hell out of the 8 year anniversary of 2007 team.

Hey, can't wait for the anniversary of John Henry buying Liverpool FC.

When was that? Oh, right, 2010.

Hey, when was the last time the Red Sox were in the postseason? Oh, right, 2009.

I suspect http://www.browndailyherald.com/ancient-form-of-justice-survives-in-baseball-1.2727846#.UFc6rSJfTVc explains a lot. This is Rosh Hashanah, and the Sox are suffering for all the sins you committed in the past year.

The biggest sin was shipping Kevin Youkilis out for practically nothing. They should have gotten Bears Tickets, or tickets to the Geico 400 for him at the very least. Knowing this bunch, though they probably boked Liverpool to play Arsenal in Soldier Field, rather than in the Meadowlands or at Gillette.

On the other hand, how's that trade working out for the Dodgers?

The cynic in me says that they are having this on such an odd anniversary year...because they don't plan on owning the team in two years time to do a 10 year anniversary.

Hmmm, Kaz may have a point. After all, The Sox are the underperforming operation these days. Carl Edwards has to be looking over his shoulder. So should Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth(oops, he's their answer to Youk...), and next year Joey Logano, who likely will regret signing on with an unstable ownership.

DECIMATION NIGHT at Fenway? Who draws the lot?

And the rest of us quaff barley and wheat liquid products?

I'm in.

God Bless The Dandy Dentist, Doc Chuck Steinberg, for this burst of stupidity. He even got poor old Joe Castig to mention Glenn Geffner when they "honored" ( I.e. Are you still here?)him--Joe c-- last week. Trupiano was allowed back in the park, which is nice. Fuck yeah, I am still paying attention.

Everlastingly, Lc

Eight is Enough: To fill our lives with love.

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