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Muddling through

So not only are we now in an end of season spiral so dismal that, impossible as it is to imagine, makes the Epic Septembah Collpase of 2011 seem "meh" but it's also the 11 year anniversary of 9/11...


Talk about sombre.


Seriously. What I need right now to cheer me up is a friggin bear hug from a pizza guy.


Maybe, hug dude, can come through the Red Sox clubhouse.


Hey, that idea's no worse than when Cody Ross suggested that somehow "the presence of a contending team in the third base dugout could prod the Sox into playing better."


Yeah, that'll work.


It'll be about as effective as taking a eunuch to strip club.


Yeah, watching these guys against the Yankees is gonna be like listening to a castrato doing an album of Barry White covahs.



Ain't no way Barry White coild impress Miss Grant, unless he sang selections from "Oklahoma" or "South Pacific".

Or Isaac Hayes.

Isnt Isaac hanging with Zenu right now?

Sox take two out of three. bank on it.

Now, back to my laudanum.

I have moved on from the 2012 Redsox. Although, like an ex-, I still kinda know what they are up to and am waiting for them to fully settle into the gutter without me.

Re: 9/11, it was my son's birthday before it was Patriot Day, much like Patriot's Day was already a holiday before the reassignment and related abandonment of the 's. By pointing this out, do I lose Patriot points?

Cody says: “It’s totally different because you can see on the other side that teams are pressing and every pitch matters, every play matters, every matchup matters." I guess that means it hasn't mattered for the Sox some time. Which puts some understanding into the standings.

Jetah says "...when they compete, they want to win." 'WHEN they compete' Huh. Hasn't been much competing this year, other than to see who can get out of town the fastest. And Youk wins! YOOOOOUUUKKK!!!!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to the Commander!
Happy Birthday to me!
I got my cold season booze as my present to myself. A case of Cutty Sark. If I had a good job I'd have gotten the special reserve, but I is retired. Wheeeee!
I think Miss Grant preferred bourbon.
I am sailing on Miss Cutty Sark, while Miss Grant's (likely) dead, like the Sox.

Happy birthday Cr Flake.

Re: 9/11 Wow, my daughter's B'Day as well. Turns 21 today, we have dinner plans meeting her at College. Back when she was 10 we hid the news until the next day.

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