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darkness comes (all at once)

Ah... Go PawSox?


At this point, is it a stretch to think this team can break the 70 win threshold?


At this point, just making it anothah day seems a stretch.


For us or them?


Your choice.


How did we get here?


I think we took a wrong turn at Terror St. and Agony Way.


Hooray say the roses, today is blamesday.*



Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. A very busy weekend. I dropped out of the pool with a prediction of 87 wins. Natalie is gone at 86. Soxinsix and Chip at 85 wins. Only James at 84 and cmdrflake at 81 remain. Thank god for the Pats.

I think I have won the pool by using the famed "WarGames" gambit.

The Red Sox are still playing?

like that poem a lot h.b.

Bobby V's team may have quit, but h.b. just put up a vintage strip. One part ennui, one part poetry, dash of bitters, shake, and serve neat.

I have three tickets left this year to see the Red Sox play the Yankees, Orioles, and the Rays. As much as I'd love to think that these should be relevant games to those other teams...thus making the Red Sox potential "spoilahs" of someone's postseason hopes and dreams...

I also hope that those three teams make it to the postseason taking both wildcards, thus pissing in the eye of MLB who introduced the extra wildcard because they were tired of the AL East always taking two of the four playoff slots...well, how about three now, buddy?

Also, nothing about this Red Sox team should even come close to the word "relevant", so I also hope that those three other teams easily make their playoff spots in the next day or two somehow. No spoilah, no relevance, just bad bad baseball played badly until game 162 finally snuffs the 2012 Red Sox out.

Who do you think will be managing the Red Sox next year on opening day?

If it were possible to bet on it, I'd bet on Pinky Higgins as the Sox next skipper. Wait! I'm channeling back to school in Greenwood, watching a B&M RDC slide by out the window on the oddly named "Western Route Main", dealing with boredom while ignoring Miss Grant droning on while lavishing praise upon Richard Rogers musical scores in what my dad called ..."insepid popular musicals." The B&M made music and science clsses bearable. Otherwise, I'd be wondering who Mr. Yawkey would dry out, and introduce as the Sox new manager. They were all going to be in over their heads, or too easily frustrated.
Charles Bukowski? That brings back lit 103. His work had a weirdness that a few beers clarified. The Sox should be so easily dealt with. I could just ignore them, like Miss Grant...

Today is a good day to spin the beer wheel at Bukowskis.

How about we trade Lackey to Toronto for John Farrell? I know, I know, that isn't fair to Toronto. Maybe throw in a draft pick or two.

Ditka should manage next year. I'm not joking. He'd be better than Valentine in that he would at least CARE. Wouldn't it be refreshing to have someone in the dugout who cared?...even a little?...at all?...

Cmndrflake - How about (Sen.) John Blutarsky?

Pre-game speeches would certainly be more inspiring.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Make Jim Ed the manager. I have no idea if he's coached a day in his life, but I imagine he could smack any prima donnas in the head with his Hall of Fame plaque to get their attention.

Him or Joe Torre.

Thanks for the B&M RDC, cmdrflake!

Also, the Globe had one good idea among a shitload of bad ones in this slideshow. Make Papi a captain a la what they did for V-Tek and give him a 3-4 year contract.

Right now Otter is talking..."I think we have to go all out. I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!"
Papi/Bluto answers,:"We're 'jus da guys to do eet."!



cmdr - Perfect! If you weren't going to say it, I was. :-D

Red Sox Manager Trot Nixon.

Sounds pretty good, eh?

I'd take Cynthia Nixon...hell, even Richard Nixon at this point...manager matches the season.

Gabe Kapler - he has managing experinece - with an experienced tactician as bench coach, and Tek as pitching coach.

So I guess Soxaholix is hosted by GoDaddy? Who knew?

For a couple of hours, I thought my company had finally started blocking me from this creepy site.

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