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Well, that spoilah thing was fun while it lasted, eh?


That's the thing about decay, there's a slippery slope between an exquisitely, molding Roquefort and casu marzu.


Speaking of eating maggots, Bobby V thinks he'll be back as a main course at our wonderful Red Sox banquet next year.


Yeah, Bobby Valentine also thinks of himself a managerial savant for getting rid of Youkilis because, you know, "Kevin was hitting .238 with Boston and now he's hitting .238 with the White Sox."


What a stupid fucking twat that guy is.


Seriously. The Red Sox win their first World Series in 86 years and do it again 3 years latah largely on a philosophy that essentially eschews batting average as a meaningful statistic, yet here's Valentine going on about BA? Amazing.


Like I said, what a stupid fucking twat.


If they bring him back, mahk my words: The Red Sox will be in a cryogenically frozen state to me that will not thaw out until Valentine is gone.



Cheesy? Here's a shout out for THE best B's goalie-ever: Gerry Cheevers, whose number should be retired.

If they bring him back I will be in a crymyselftosleep flaccid state for this team that no amount of little blue pills will erect until Valentine is gone

They can't bring hiom back. NOt if they want their "sellout" streak to go beyond one game next year.

Hey, that maggot cheese is supposed to be delicious. I hear it tastes like maggot chicken.

Championship tonight -- PawSox up 2-0.

Cryogenically frozen? Right next to Teddy Ballgame!

today's strip brought to you by our ghost writer, Natalie the bus driver

Boom. Goodbye James with his (then) lowball estimate of 84 wins. Only cmdrflake remains with his prediction of 81. Like Custer (Errol Flynn or Richard Mulligan?) he stands alone with the bodies of other odds-makers and prognosticators surrounding him. Cue Garry Owen as his inevitable fate awaits.

The Cody Ross tirade was a thing of beauty. Justified, as that pitch wasn't even close.

Fox Business claims Henry has been shopping the team around.

Richard Mulligan's (As well as Henry Fonda's "Custer like" fool who ignored The Duke's warnings, paying for that act with his life, like GAC) Custer was about as in touch with his fate, (Even as he fell in battle) as Bobby V. is right now. Sonny Corleone knew what was up at about the same relative moment. (As a point of reference...) CHB is in rapture ;)!
Yazbread, The distinction of being Last Man Standing is one I need to salute. Good bye, Captain Morgan! I'll see ya next April, along with the Sox. Hmmm, bit more here than I thought...

Thanks, Kaz. Here's the link:


John Henry's response:


I especially like this quote: "A sale of any kind is so far from our thinking it hasn’t even come up apart from technical planning issues involving death or disability."

EVERYTHING here is for sale--Richard Harrison, Sr. (AKA the old man FWIIW)

If we sell seats to the bus (because they're historic now) plus any leftover booze, bud, or other...I think we can pull it together to buy the team.

Oh, and getting a reliable SS has been equally far from his thinking.

*Leftover Booze* sonomasox? Surely (Shirley) you jest!!!

I'm now 0-for-8 at Fenway this year. 0-for-9 on the season.

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