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Worst Centennial Year Evah

Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):


Bill (thinking to himself):





Red Light Special

You're Welcome

Fungo. Fun gone?

Sigh. RIP Johnny.

Hopefully he isn't going to the Cryo-lab.Nah,Johnny had a better head on his shoulders than that.

At least he doesn't have to watch Josh Beckett pitch any more.

I was wondering if this country could do what it did in WWII. Our very existance is at risk, and we have a choice between Romney (dumb) or keeping Obama (anti-American). Imagine being Polish and having Stalin on one side of your country and Hitler on the other. That's trouble. Not being able to keep one's third baseman healthy or having an egotistical head case pitching when he is in the mood is the least of our concerns. Guys like Johnny Pesky do not grow on trees, let's be glad he saw the team hoist two championship banners and got to be part of a great time in the Back Bay Ball yard.

I'm writing in lc.

Hopefully next century we'll have something fun to yak about.

Fun gone. Exactly.
No haiku needed for this season - just two words.
RIP Johnny.

The end of an era. RIP, Johnny.

And Welkah and Cmdrflake - good point/sentiment

//The Red Sox have traded catcher Kelly Shoppach to the Mets in exchange for a player to be named later.//

I am anti-dumb american. Thus Pesky is great and Reggie is a putz. Less an 6 degrees to Redsox-Yankees. For Pesky... Go Redsox, Forever.

Sad, sad, sad.


//The Red Sox have traded catcher Kelly Shoppach to the Mets in exchange for a player to be named later.//

Ditka, god willing

It's not the worst yet. They could still end up in last place in the division before it's all over.

First Pesky and now Horshack? Oooh, oooh, oooh

Who is next?

Hey, looks as though some of the players will be joining us on the bus. Break out the good stuff, boys!


Met him first in '58 when he was managing in Lancaster PA. My coach was his groundskeeper.Met him again at the '99 All-Star game. we talked as he signed autographs. He was on a little chair on Yawkey Way before the game. It was in his eyes...he had the eyes of a good man.This is my worst year as a Sox fan. Pesky/fungo- yes, the fun is gone.

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