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Whenever life gets you down Mrs. Brown

Hart Brachen:
Your humble author here on the metaphorical trolley of life... next stop unknown but what is known is that it'll smell of urine.


Hart Brachen:
Late start to the day then I pulled an ass muscle at the gym and now it I can't seem to get comfortable in my body and all this on top of a brewing existential "is this it? life? fuck" malaise and, well, no creepy strip today.


Hart Brachen:
Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Dice-K thinks he's pitching in the WBC. Please, no one tell him the difference.



A pulled butt muscle? What are you, JD Drew? It was so humid while I was walking to work this morning, I actually sweated my ass off. It's gone. Nothing there but a crack and what appears to be an extension of my back. I had to pack the back of my pants with ricotta.

I don't miss the smell of Boston subway stations, especially North Station.

Ah, h.b., there is this. You didn't promise to win 15 games a year for the next decade and get millions of dollars spent on you by fools that didn't know better.
BTW: If there is a city that has proper sanitation, if nothing else, it's London. There is a public "loo" every three blocks or so, and a pathetic soul cleaning them. Not so in Boston, where taking a wizz means sneaking up on a dumpster and getting it done. When all else fails, a dumpster is your best friend. Provided it's not already being used or emptied.I could say that about the Sox starters these days. If they aren't used up,fine, but we can't tell if they are used up or empty until it's too late.
Alberto Aceves is eligible to return, but will he? Ponder that while sitting on an ice pack.

I actually watched the game yesterday. Yay MLB.com $10 for the rest of the season deal! Dice-K was clearly working much quicker than I had ever seen before. My fear is that he'll pitch lights out the rest of the year and we'll reward him with another 4 years in Boston.

Theare are still games being played?

$10? To MLB? I would have spent the money on a brick.

I think this guy might have lurked around here a little? His sentiments are creepily familiar. Takes a little while to read (3000 whole words!), so sit right back and you'll hear a tale...


Dice-K on waivers now? Please let Lackey be next.

Thanks, BS. No reader to intervene here...went ahead a named my second son Beckett in early '08. The wife is an English teacher so we've got that slant to cover. But mine seems to take to beer and fried food already.

What's the difference between the WBC and the rest of this season?

Nothing, they are both meaningless games.

Terry Jones has always been underrated BTW. Probably because he was better behind the camera.

The almost immortal, liquor soaked too often Richard Burton delivered like Big Papi in 2004 in "Beckett", which may be a bit highbrow these days. But I have an excuse to quote H.S. Thompson:Promisinganythingistoofuckingeasytobullshitthepeopleyouhavetomakethembelieveyoucandeliveronyourfuckingbullshit.
After hearing that cocaine induced rant the stuck up and how president of the school I was blowing someone elses money on stopped payment on the check to him until he apologised (sic) for his "conduct unbecoming of (this institution)". Alberto Aceves should be glad he wasn't working for this lady. His ass would be enroute back to That Team in the Bronx, if the Dead Sox let him go.
Any one have the old Dead Sox poster with heads of members of the Grateful Dead placed upon bodies of properly sized and colored Red Sox? But, I could tell Jerry Garcia's head was on Don Zimmer's body. Only one player was amused. No reason to explain further.
HST DID get paid what he was due, but the legal battle made Bruin-Canadien games in the late '70's look like a friendly game over a case of Molson Export, before they ruined it. Mahalo ;)

I could fix your ass h.b.

It is my job.
Can you be in London tomorrow?I have a 6 p.m. appointment I could slot you into.

If I were a man of means, I'd buy a Club World class ticket on the daily BA 777 non-stop 535pm departure to Heathrow and proceed to have my ass properly fixed.

I might fancy a good curry while I'm there as well.

Have the curry AFTER your appointment with psuedo.

You'd be in luck h.b. because there's a very good curry house just down the road from me.
But I agree with Bob, as physio tends to relax the bowels I would kindly request you eat it on your way out rather than in! :)

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