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The only way to "make a stand" around here is to visit Arturo's

What's new Arturo?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
I'm working on the "Josh Beckett" special I plan to serve on days he stahts.


Lemme guess... it involves chicken?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
How sagacious of you Mr. Roy!


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
It's a chicken sausage topped with beer battered onion rings cut into a small dice.


No mustard?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
No, a few years ago it might have had mustard but not anymore.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
But I do suggest a liberal dose of southern pepper sauce.


Ah, to give it a touch of the cantankerous going down.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:


Ok, I'll try it, but what if I don't like it?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Sorry, you're stuck with it. It has no trade value I'm afraid.



I LOLed. Well done sir.


HOF material.

Like COD, I LOLed out loud.

What's in a Crawfid? Is it only served on Mondays?

Full Of Win!

Arturo has to pay customers to take the dog.

Sounds nice. But I wouldn't pay $38M for it.

Well done, HB. That was brilliant

hb, You hit that further than Miguel Cabrera off Aaron Cook!
The price might be likely to put most buyers off, for sure. BTW: Wholesale chicken prices are up,seriously. I wonder when chicken will, like most seafood, have that dreaded phrase "Market Price" where one expects to see the item's price.

A Lackey special would just be a knock off of the old "Wish sandwich" ;D

I have to echo the earlier statements and say this strip is brilliant. Meow, h.b., meow.

I think that particular hot dog comes with a cool refreshing glass of grape Kool-aid. Forcibly poured down your throat.

Turns out that today is an example of one of those days that I've mentioned before, i.e.,

I wake up with zero strip ideas. I toss a couple of things around, nothing. I consider just bailing out and not doing a strip. Then I think of that Josh Beckett hot dog idea but reject it as being stupid. But it comes back again and I reject it again because Beckett hasn't pitched recently and isn't in the news. But then decide, fuck it, it's all I've got so I'll just go with it and if the creepy readers hate it, which they will because it's not very good, well, so be it...

Then it turns out much to my surprise that everyone thinks it's a good strip.

Crazy. And really is an example of the "stop thinking, just do" philosophy.

And thanks for the positive vibes.

It's that whole 'once it's out in the world it's not yours anymore' thing at work, h.b.

Sometimes you need to kick your critical inside voice square in the bollocks and give it the finger, remember that.

A great example of wurst to first.

Truly a Guinness day at the Soxaholix for h.b. and the previous posters alike...


The thing about this dog though, is you will eat one on occasion and it will taste really good so you will ask for another. And then half way back to wherever you are going, it will unapologetically shit your trousers.

A most excellent cartoon, hb, most excellent.

Let me add my kudos for another job well done, hb. Oh, and Beckett's a douche. That is all.

One of your best. Scared the dog with that laughing.

BTW I will be taking another (yes, another) mini vacation/long weekend, so no strip Friday or Monday.

Carpe diem!

I tried one of these from Arturo the other day, but the first bite gave me the runs.

The home runs trots, Kaz?

Had a Beckett dog. developed back spasms. Tried eating one with left hand. oops...thats a Lester.

Exactly, Bob.

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