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Tell me what you want...

I want to wish a belated welcome to LA to Josh Beckett.


He may have been tagged with a 10 run loss but, you know, that's nothing that a drive thru In-N-Out aftah the game for a couple double double animal styles can't cure.


What do you mean *aftah* the game?


So Pinto thinks this new ESPN TV deal good be good news for the Red Sox as the money infusion may mean they can rebuild quickly.


Yeah, that's the positive thinking...


On the the negative side an extra $29 million can lead to poor decisions on just grabbing someone just because you can.


Seriously. There's a bettah than even chance that the 2013 Red Sox are going to be the rebounding Russell Brand banging Gingah Spice.



I just hope they're not Carrot Top making a comeback.

Maybe we should have included Aceves in the Dodgers deal. 2-9 with 8 blown saves? How did he just finally lose the closers job last night?

Did anybody (on the east coast) watch the game all the way through?

Aceves should be outrighted after that awful show he put on last night. It was worse than Jimmy Kimmel ([email protected] JimmyKimmel works harder;)!
Will Josh "Beer Lover" Beckett bitch about the Dodgers run support? Bet he does, but will the LA media notice?
Ginger Spice, they'd notice if she bitched about her backup band, Posh Spice, they'd notice if she bitched about her stylist, who deserves what Alfredo Aceves deserves,
but Josh Beckett? Naaah.

Not so quick on Aceves. Maybe he's not the closer, but give him his "Latin-temper" thing. After all, he has been dealing with Roberto Veets all year. He can be a valuable arm in the right spots.

Pa, agree that he's not a closer. Look how good he was in long relief / spot starting last year. That's where he belongs.

And Katy Perry (and her boobs) trumps Ginger Spice. Russell Brand is an idiot.

What I really really want is the firing of Veet. And some nekkid pics of the spice girls (well maybe not that sporty one, but the others, oh ya).

We had a good long reliever in Aceves. Veet is a really bad manager. He again mishandled his resources (the aceves temper is part of the package and Veet just doesnt get it) - setting Aceves up to fail and then leaving him in without any legitimate attempt to salvage the game in order to extract his revenge was akin to pantsing the guy in front of a stadiumfull of people. That'll show Aceves who's boss. What a dumbass.

Jeff in NC- cosigned.

The nekkid pics part too? Nice :)

I'm not sure any manager would have a better outcome to the season, given the number, timing and extent of injuries to key personnel. That said, I just don't like Veet. I'm hoping the Sox will fire Veet and the Jays will fire John Farrell at the end of the season and we'll bring Farrell back where he belongs.

Jeff & Nat, pretty sure nekkid spice girl pics are just a google away. Followed by a trip to HR in my case since I'm at work.

27 players on the DL 34 times, or something like that. As much as I think Valentine is a buffoon, it's difficult to imagine anyone winning with injuries like that.

Bob - I'm on an East Coast and I listend all the way though. It was almost 3pm by the itme it ended. I laughed.

Why is Russell Brand?

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