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Survey says...

Anothah day, anothah legitimate rape of the Red Sox, metaphorically speaking, of course.


So the Red Sox are now officially second fiddle to the Patriots.


Well, the only thing surprising about the results of that survey is that the Sox managed to hang on to second.


Oh, c'mon, our friggin managah speaks Japanese fercrissakes!


Yeah, poor Belichick's only second language is winningese.



Bad link in the 2nd panel.

Belichick also speaks Hun.

Boom. The first has fallen in the rush to the cornucopia. With last night's loss, SDU's bold prediction of 99 wins became mathematically impossible. The real question is when will this team win 99 games. I am thinking sometime toward the end of next May. Next up, Jim Loomis with a prediction of 98 wins. Weaver v. Bucholtz? It does not look good.

It is what it is.

Your first line made snort loud enough to startle the Catahoula. Well done, sir.

"Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun" by Wess Roberts is actually a pretty good book of managment maxims, as long as you "get it" (sort of like Monty Python - either you get it or you don't).

Number two? Hey, at least I'm still pretending I care more about them than the Nats...

It's fitting. The Red Sox are definitely #2 this year. A big fat #2.

The Sox slipped to second purely on merit.
Next question.

This whole theme has put a picture in my head... Looking out the bus window, we pass by a dog who is halfway thru dropping a deuce and is stuck. All movement ceased. He cant get up and run and he cant sit or its gonna be a mess. Stuck in that dog shitting bent over position with a redsox hangin out his tail. Thats our season.

Worse, it's you on the throne, and you have a big log to drop, it stops. You have just had a hernia fixed. you can't give the heater a shove, That's how it is right now. Nextquestion...

Speaking of colons, Bartolo's is now going to be distended for the next 50 games.

Bob,did you say Belichick was hung??

@ Harwich: did you hear about the plastic surgeon who hung himself?

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