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Sub .500 Friday (another)

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
You know someday society is going to look back at the puritanical approach to performance enhancing drugs the same we now look back dumfounded at primitive man's fear of the solar eclipse or mid 20th Century man's fear of breaking the sound barrier.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
We are humans, fusing ourselves with technology is our destiny.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Speaking of destiny who is up for Arturo's for lunch?


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Could get dicey.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
But Ted here knows somebody who knows somebody who knows krav maga so we should be fine.



Arturo makes love, not war.

I hate when we lose a game because of a missed extra point.

Performance enhancing surgery is good, performance enhancing substances are bad.

Now if somebody will just explain why we treat the two cases differently...

I went to middle school with Krav Maga. Dude was a badass.

If I ever decide to become a criminal I'm moving to Norway - 77 dead and the guy gets 21 years? 14 weeks per person! WTF?

And yet Norway's murder rate is .6 per 100,000 inhabitants versus 4.2 in the US.

Yeah, but tough to compare a "one tribe" nation like Norway, which to this day is like 86% white, ethnic Norwegian all from Nordic/North German descent with the giant "melting pot" that is the USA on any statistics.

But I bet regions with a similar ethnic makeup to Norway (northern Wisconsin? The Upper Peninsula of MI?) compare quite well with Norway.

(Of course, it's not politically correct to point this stuff out.)

Still well below the world average of 6.9...

Good point h.b. - New Hampshire is sitting at 0.8

h.b., seriously, facts? Who the fuck brings facts to a conversation anymore? You really are not keeping up with the times.

And for redsox fandom, my stupid thought of the day follows the loser's logic. It if wasnt for seasons like this, we couldnt appreciate the good ones. Gotta cough a little bit of the shwag to appreciate the dank. Or something like at.

Jeff that made me laugh. Nice.

And good point about the wouldn't know light if not for the dark.

So - how about some Space Cakes for the bus?


Bill Lee still has it and definitely should be riding shot gun on the bus for awhile.

I just don't understand why people get so worked up over the particular individuals who dope. What I mean is... by the time you've identified one or two at the highest eschelons of the sport who are doping, it's pretty clear the whole damn shootin' match (every country, every level) is rife with them. And then... it's kinda level playing field again! I just can't get exercised about this except as a health issue. Stripping Lance Armstrong of his earned titles just feels scapgoaty to me...find the biggest name, smite him down, look as if you have done something to help the problem in the public's eyes... go drink a beer no actual reform having been done.

Steve in MD, I had the SAME exact thought re: the Norway sentence. They have an interesting penal system; I read some article a ways back in Time about their pretty posh prisons: http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1989083,00.html

That's why he smiled when the judge read the sentence.

Interesting how murders still happen where the gun laws/ restrictions are supposed to prevent such things. But, y'know, they happen anyhow. The NRA, love 'em or hate 'em said that criminals can still get their guns, legal or not. We can't stop the killers. Look at the Empire State Building outrage, you are not supposed to have heat on you in NY City. Fat lot of good those laws did for those that were shot this AM.
See "After the Fox" With Peter Sellers and Brit Eklund, when she was very hot. That film made Italian prisons appear as though the inmates ran the place. That is now true in lots of places nowadays, thanks to guards that want what the inmates have to sell. (No matter what the product or service is.)
Bet the demand for overpriced Sox tickets trails even more overpriced Pats tickets.

Oh, demand for Bruins tickets won't be helped by the possibility the NHL will blow it self up again, like '04-05!

Found this on Google + - interesting explanation of the Norwegian judicial system.


a couple (4) of things, knowing that there will be countless Mondays before we have anything fun to yak about.

1.If you have tickets to Fenway Park this weekend, and have never gone, by all means go. Everybody should have the privilege of dropping a hundred dollars whilst sitting in a sewer.

2. If you have tickets to fenway Park this weekend and have been before, what the fuck is wrong with you? There are legitimate rapes going on that need to be attended to.

3. I was mowing the lawn listening to the local country music station. Fuck me in the mouth that shit is bad.

4. The aformentioned Country Station is running an ad for the cartoon movie "The Lorax" in which the protagonist is referred to as "surly" Really, you motherfucking cartoon?

Yours in Christ,


Well, that's the first time I've had Mountain Dew come out of my nose. Nice, LC.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Or at least something that's not depressing and embarrassing.


nuff said

I had Mountain Dew come out my nose, and I wasn't even drinking Mountain Dew... nicely done lc

yes lc - priceless

Dumping Beckett, A-Gon and others...

Think the Dodgers will take the Veets in the deal??

After they kick ass in LA, think the FO will realize the manager here is a douche?


mrs sdu to the 9 year old sox fan: "you've got to destroy the village to save the village". He had a look on his face which was all like, 'What the Fuck?'

That 9 year old Sox Fan will see the future. we may not. I'm signing up on the 9yosf team

God bless. Sorry if you could' the earlier post to him as a bedtime story On the hoer hand Lc, junior and Lc junior v.2.0 learnt at a young age. Beat to get it over wif.

Rapturously, l

Autocomplete kinda sucks balls.

Good riddance of bad rubbish.

Yipeeeee! These ain't to daddy's redsox no mo!

Sucks balls agreed.

Not even the Dodgers would take John Lackey.

Rubby de Rosa is my new favorite playah.

fuck yeah.

That is all

Good riddance indeed. Adrian never wanted to be here, it was just about the money. Beckett didn't want to be here any more either after we constantly got rid of his friends. Crawford hasn't ever performed to standard and was more of an insurance policy if Ellsbury walked away. Punto not being available for Bobby to mancrush

any more is also good for this team.

I want Pedro to come back as a special coach who gets De La Rosa up to snuff and Webster to come out rollIng. This could be good next year.

So, how much cheaper are tickets going to be now? HAHAHA....sigh.

Blew a 9 3 lead. Just sayin'

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