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Something in the air

Well, one thing I'll say about the 2012 Red Sox... they sure make it easy to turn off and tune out a game when they fall behind because "gritty comeback" isn't a phrase you'd associate with them.


To be fair there have been the Cody Ross walkoffs.


Yeah, there's the occasional one man heroics, but I don't recall a whole lot of team effort, grinding it out, one run at a time, rally cappahs do you?


You know I think that the "chemistry" angle is really ovahplayed in general, but for the 2012 Red Sox I do believe we have some bad chemistry at work.


Bad chemistry? Let's put it this way: These guys are a meth lab being run out of a Motel 6 on a sad, lonely highway in the Ozarks.


Are you kidding me? The air that surrounds this team is so lethal that they are being scouted by fucking Hezbollah.



Nice work out of you.

Get Fuzzy/evil fictional feline Bucky gets into ranking on Sox fans.


Pre-season football is here and that is more interesting than this year's sox.

Maybe everyone on the team is having their house fumigated. And they're all so stupid that they're continuing to live there.

I bet BigBri has his basement walls covered in comics.

I used to live downstairs from a crackhead that I was friendly with for some odd reason.

One time she came down to my apartment and asked to 'borrow' some tin foil. I said sure and asked her what she was doing (naive, at best) baking cookies?
Yeahyeahyeah, baking cookies! Want some? She says to me.

So I follow her upstairs, with the tin foil in hand expecting delicious home baked cookies.
Instead I get a rat-assed, tweaked-out woman who made me sit on her stained sofa whilst she told me about the neighborhood cat poop conspiracy.

That's like the Sox this year. You expect cookies, you get crack and cat poop.

This mess is a group effort, aye, a collective one. No one player or manager or anyone else is directly responsible. The (self proclaimed) Laser show went nuts too late to make a difference. Note that the ump responsible did not toss Bobby V. Shows us that he is relevant only when he fills out the line up card,but the decisions are not always his to make. He is merely a messenger, the rest of the time he's just going to hell in a bucket, but he isn't enjoying the ride.

sarcastic asshole indeed. this season can't end soon enough.

Speaking of conspiracies. I watched track and field live yesterday afternoon. Then watched the taped version of the 1500m final before bed. I am convinced that NBC's commentary is added on in the edit room rather than picked up live. As the runners lined up, it seemed to focus on Manzano a bit more than one would expect. General commentary during the race was also flat. This is how to call a 1500m race. Start at 2:00 if not a T & F junkie.

The commentary was added after the fact, which had to anger the "Please don't tell me" crowd. NBC needs this crap to cover the losses on their other far left commentary nets, and it shows, painfully so.
Jerry and Don are playing for a sitcom gig, "Play by Play". which will likely turn up on TBS before long.

What is Bobby V smoking and can we get some of it on the bus?


1:35 start today and Beckett on the mound. I'll take Josh leaving in the 4th with a "well, with the early start I didn't get a chance to properly digest the Wheaties, bacon and grits" that I had for breakfast" excuse.

This team will make the playoffs only to piss off for one more game. They can't just fade away, they hang around like a festering boil...for one extra game this year.

1. S.F.C-E.C.
2. Almost a 'gritty comeback' [R] but ultimately just another loss directly referable to Bobby Valentine's dick-headedness.
3. Watching (well listening to the radio call of) Oswalt in the seventh made me wonder why our front office didn't sign him.
4. Cocks.


I have a cat who says "Cookie".
I don't even expect that from these turns.



This team doesn't have any doesn't have any quit in them in them.

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