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Let the fun begin

Who's that? A strikah for the Revs?


I heard he helped Shoppach wordsmith the text to Henry.


So they're finally getting rid of the guys they hired before bringing on Bobby V as skippah...

And you undahstand what this portends, right?


Valentine is coming back for 2013!


Hello? LC's Sunset Emporium? I need to extend my contract.



Can we get a new driver for the bus. I'm a little concerned that Natalie is going to take it over a cliff, on purpose.

Didn't McClure play the Principal's secretary in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?

I picked the wrong season to stop sniffing glue.

Housecleaning has begun.

The Sox have been ranked as the second most popular team in Boston. Are we devolving into a fan base of front runners, like most of the country? We are not Chicago where they love the Cubs, it seems, BECAUSE they have a known outcome for their games. That means, bitches, they are performing as they are expected to perform. So, that is why the Pats come in ahead of the Sox. The Pats perform to expectatons, the Sox don't.
I have said this before, THIS is how Tom Yawkey and his estate ran this team before 2002, when Henry, et al took over.

Pass the Overproof Rum.

Not on purpose, COD, but the bourbon is going to my head, so I may need a nice long nap. PaPesky can take the wheel, just so long as someone wakes me if they see Roberto Veet along the way; I will want to retake the wheel and run his smug smirking face over. A buddy of mine here in NYC saw him walking on Park Ave on Sunday; alas he didn't say "My friend Natalie LOATHES your punk ass" as I would have expected him to...Instead he got a photo. I asked him if BV actually shows up in photos. He said yes, but I haven't seen the photo in question, so there's no proof.

He's not a vampire, Natalie. He's a Bisha-ga-tsuku.

He's an enigma wrapped in a sandwich he invented.

Bob, I had to look up what Bisha-ga-tsuku is, and damn, SPOT ON. I am laughing my ass off: "The Bisha-ga-tsuku is a soul-stealing creature encountered on dark snowy nights in northern Japan. The monster -- which maintains a body temperature of -150 degrees Celsius -- is constantly hidden behind a fog of condensation, but its presence can be detected by the characteristic wet, slushy sound ("bisha-bisha") it makes. Anatomical features include feelers that inhale human souls and cold air, a sac for storing the sounds of beating human hearts, and a brain that emits a fear-inducing aura. The Bisha-ga-tsuku reproduces by combining the stolen human souls with the cold air it inhales."

A) Let the housecleaning begin

B) Once again, Eddie Vedder has spoken, and not a fuck was given.

okay, so I'm a big PJ fan... Vedder has been a long-time Cubs fan (he has born near Chicago and lived in California until he was recruited to Pearl Jam), so I can't tell if this is a dig at the Sox or the Cubs (or Theo personally). You would think that if he was in the market for an AL team he would choose the M's, but they suck so I don't blame him.

Gah, hate PJ and their head mumbler Vedder. When i was in grad school X came out and the guy who lived upstairs from me would put his speakers as loud as possible and blast 'Still Alive' on an endless repeat loop over a 3 month period. It ingrained the loathing. And Singles is a shitty movie.

And what of Kelly Shoppach? Will he continue to deny his role as the quiet ringleader? Will his playing time increase? Or will he do the same for the Mets?

And what of Veet? Will he ever again speak to a coach he didnt hire? Or will he only hire coaches he wont speak to? Or will he take up cribbage and sing kumbaya?

And what of little Ben? Will his rich uncles ever give him his inheretance? Or will he be forced to still eat at the kids table?

For the answer to these and other painful questions, tune in tomorrow, and all through 2013, As The Stomach Turns.

As The Stomach Turns brought to you by ACE Ticket, keeping a meaningless sellout streak alive, and propping up ticket prices since 2001.
Wonder when we'll be able to pay face value for tickets on a game night? Friday night in the Mistake, face value at 6 PM, for a 7PM game. Next night, face value and better seats than on Friday whch we got at 5:35 for a 6 PM start and teriffic tickets for Sunday afternoon, face value and lots of choice tickets to choose from. Ah, the pink hats prop up this sillyness. Do not start me on Pats tickets, I'll see 'em heah for less, right LESS than Face Value in Mudville! 25 yard yard line, for $20 off full retail. So, I put up with fans of That Team and miss Don and Jerry, if not the Sox on TV. It is what it is.

I hand-washed my car today. It looks fucking sweet for being 9 months old now and driven primarily in the city (pic was taken about 4-5 months ago). No bumper rash yet (crossed fingers), just a few dead bugs that need some TLC to remove from the front. By the way, that's a hard top convertible. When the top is up, it looks like a coupe.

You might think I brought up my car just to brag about it, but I see it as a metaphor for the Red Sox. I don't know what that metaphor is though....ok, it was just to show off my car.

Way to honor Johnny tonight :(

A VW convertible? At least it isn't pink Kaz ;)

A VW convertible is great. Unless it's a Rabbit.

Sure, sure, COD. They say it's even won "Most Chick Car of the Year" before...but I just say that means chicks dig my car.

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