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Fade to black

Well, nothing quite defines the exceptionalism of British pop music like the Spice Girls and Jessie J.


Seriously. No wondah the sun set on the British Empire.


I did like the nude body suit action, but, Jessie J standing in for Freddy Mercury was incongruous at best and incredibly lame at worst.


Yeah, Jessie J singing Queen is as ill-fitting as John Lackey pitching at Fenway.


Christ, just when I'm stahting to come to peace with "wait until next year" you have to go an remind me what next year really entails.


Wait until next, next year?



Come on, 13 is a lucky number.

Given their ages and the fact that I think every Spice Girl has pushed out at least one kid, I have to say they looked damn good. Let's just hope this doesn't foretell a Spice Girl reunion.

Agreed. Looked good and unlike other performers of that "reunion/comeback genre" they actually looked like they were into it and enjoying themselves as opposed to just showing up to cash a paycheck (c.f., Madonna).

I just think it's a travesty to give the Spice Girls equal (or better) billing than than the Beetles (and we won't even go into the Russell Brand doing the Beetles thing.)

But, on the other hand, it's the Olympics so whatev.

Ray Davies and Waterloo Sunset cut for Animal Practice. That pretty much sums up the cultural lens with which NBC views their audience.

Actually, no fade to black or even a hint of the stones. And thats ok - no need for further display of aging stars that cant really carry the groceries up the steps any longer (McCartney stunk). Russel Brand should have kept the megaphone in front of his mouth so the lipsync wasnt so obvious. And from the high end journalism I have been reading, Posh was pissed to be involved becuase it was embarassing to her new fashion career. But how can anyone actually tell if she is pissed.

All that said, i really enjoyed the games. I almost awlays do, but these had great competition and sport that was so bright it showed through the NBC shitstain lenses. bronze medal match for women's team epee was as good as sport gets. And the US ladies were ecstatic to win bronze and that is awesome. Archery is surprisingly exciting. Beach volleyball is drama on the court, again and again. Great sport to spectate. Phelps is a hell of a swimmer and competitor. I am not a big fan of knowing they all piss the pool and swish it thru their mouths regularly, but thats just me. Aly whateverhernameis's floor routine for gold was nails. And when she finished, she looked up at the lights and crowd and said "wow" to herself. Gives you chills.

Man it was nice to see athletes perform at the top of their game and put it all out there. It was a nice change for the past two weeks compared to, oh.. say..., the redsox. Middlebrooks broken wrist - you cant make this stuff up.

nicely put, Jeff. And I had to chuckle with Prince Hank singing along with Eric Idle.

I'm gonna miss Bob Ryan (although it remains to be seen just how much we'll "miss" him). His string of playing to a packed house is a helluva lot longer than the Sox', and not nearly as phony

I am bummed the Olympics are over, especially since I never did get to see canoe slalom (sounds awesome) and managed to miss all the high jumping (I was a high jumper in HS). With the Sox sucking more than a Dyson, there's little to watch now. Contemplating becoming a Broncos fan (that's the bfs team) but right this second that just feels exhausting.

Jeff, gotta disagree with you on one point: I found the beach volleyball SO boring, and SO overplayed. Now, the archery and field events I could have watched forever. And I am really excited about the state of women's sports in the world. That the IOC managed to get every single country to have women represent is fucking cool as shit.

wait, until next year?

Natalie, ditto on the women from every country participating. Given that a few of them are facing death threats to themselves and family for participating, it is even more fucking cool as shit. On the beach volleyball, its likely because i played it alot growing up that i dig it. But yes, it is overplayed, at least on NBC.

And one of my biggest laughs... No, not the rower's boner. But the poor boys next to the non-boner - sporting their cute little coin purses. Schedenfreude.

All of the above is why I watched Ice Road Truckers after a fun weekend in Mistake by the Lake. Tickets were actually available at face value on game day (At 5:45 Friday night, good ones, too!) Here's hoping the Wahoos don't get the Sox marketing plan for their tickets.
The acts in the closing ceremony do not belong in the Rock & Roll HOF, which is a rip off at the price. But I dug John Lennon's Psycho Roller. I wore a Rolling Stones hat at the games, it's record? 2-1. I am creepy not stupid.

"14-1 win! Now we're getting somewhere!", said nobody in Red Sox Nation.

Kayla wasn't impressed by that win.

If you scroll way down, there's one with the Sox winning the WS.


Josh Beckett killed Johnny Pesky!

Fade to black, indeed.

Rest in peace, Mr. Pesky. You are one of the greats, forever and always, sir.

NBC is delaying reporting his death until the World Series.

RIP Johnny Pesky. For a team and city that loves its history, he was the living embodiment.

A word of thanks to Mr. Pesky. You served our country and our ball team well.

Poles indicate he was beloved.

Wait, Waterloo Sunset was cut for Animal Practice? Ugh. To me, that's up there with breaking away from Raiders-Jets in 1968 for Heidi! RIP, Johnny Pesky.

Dispatches from Pinstripe Country:
Derek Jeter relayed something Pesky once told him on the field. Pesky said: "I hope you get 4 hits today -- and the guy behind you hits into 4 double plays."


I guess Mr. Pesky couldn't wait until next year.

too soon?

Waterloo Sunset? hmmmm


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