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Cold as you

Well, the the battle of the most dissapointing teams of 2012 the Red Sox er,... disappoint.


Hey, I think I just came up with my costume for this year's Halloween:

A hobgoblin of consistency!


Would the last person with faith in the 2012 Red Sox please turn out the lights before leaving.


The most entertainment value in Boston these days is watching the unfolding Taylor Swift / Kennedy Family imbroglio.


Seriously, a Kennedy hasen't had someone this tough to get rid of since Nikita Khrushchev.



It's also funny because Swift keeps jumping from Kennedy to Kennedy, like she's trying them out.

Boom. Goodbye Jim Loomis at 98 wins.

Congrats, Sox,You've been displaced by common gossip.

They should just cancel today's scheduled team photo due to lack of interest. For that matter, cancel the rest of the games too.

Yes, common gossip. Who's nickers are in a bigger twist - the queen's over her grandson's nekkid bum all over the interwebs, or the Kennedy matriarchs' knowing one of their young bucks is Swiftly on his way to becoming the subject for a new country song?

Btw, Taylor Swift looks kind of like Cody Ross when she smiles, which isnt terrible unless you happen to be a young woman.

Speaking of disappointing.


Classless bastards

The team that just keeps on giving you more reasons to hate them.

These are not my Red Sox... They are not even my father's Red Sox.

The last time the Sox have come close to being THIS horrible was late 2001 (Carl Everett leading the pack of disgrace post 9-11), and I have to say, this team is really blowing that one out of the water in sheer unlikeability. Methinks that's a top down influence and ownership has turned some dark corner into true evil. When did this happen? I mean, seriously. What is the root of all this, the first cancer cell, so we can try to find it and radiate it?

Vicente Padilla went to the funeral, of all people. He couldn't have even really known Johnny P but went out of respect. I'm sure it's a cultural thing. And we all know the culture over there needs some serious changing. Hell, even Buchholz went- although he was probably just rolling in from a night on the town and thought the bus was his designated driver

Interesting that Capt Pedroia couldn't be bothered to go, and he was the recipient of hundreds of grounders hit to him by the man to improve his fielding. And wasn't Pedey just whining the other day about how he is being portrayed about his involvement with the infamous "roundtable", and the photo of him and Veet? Not to mention his infamous "that's not how we do it around here" line. Well Dusty, at some point perception becomes reality. And these guys are a bunch of selfish pricks

Lack of leadership in that clubhouse. Someone should have stepped forward and "reminded" everyone that they should attend. It makes me sick.

The level of douchebaggery somehow continues to amaze.

Yeah, this is certainly one of the lowest points in memory. I can't believe it, really.

Let's all remember this when ballplayers try to remind us "hey we Red Sox are just regular guys and all your attention and putting us under microscope is unfair blah blah blah" because, you know what, regular guys go to funerals even when they don't feel like it because it's the right thing to do.

How many years until they can clean out the cesspool that is the Sox clubhouse? 2? 3?

I think maybe as bad is Larry L. brushing it off. I have never seen such a bunch of coddled spoiled brats.

I'm thinkin' this shitstorm will be the final straw.

BTW, I'm a little curious why as one of the "invited guests" Channel 5's Mike Lynch didn't notice 9/10ths of the team wasn't there? Guess he just forgot to mention it :(

Inexcusable. Let's get that bus doing 80 Natalie.

Blockbuster trade coming?


a comedy of eras

Jeez, I've been sticking up for Pedroia for weeks but now? Couldn't make it to Johnny P's funeral? Come on. Nomah got on a plane, fer chrissake. I'm really hatin on these guys. Pass the dutchie, Natalie.

This is such a non-issue. It's the usual "get riled up over nothing" talk-radio crap.

If the team was winning (hell, if they won last night) then no one would be yelling. Would it have been a nice gesture- yes. The right thing to do- absolutely. Is it a job requirement- no. Just imagine if they all went- and then lost. We would get the angry columns that they should have kept their focus on the game because that's their job.

The fact is these guys (especially the pitching) stink on the field. I don't know if it is the change of a pitching coach, the loss of 'Tek calling games, getting year older, freak injuries, whatever. I love talking about the on field stuff- that's why I'm a fan of baseball. Do I care what two gossip columnists write- no! Just like I didn't care about chicken and beer. Stop the marketing spin and play, goddamit!


If a Yankees great had died, I'm 100% certain there would have been a lot more than 4 players there... And those that didn't go would have had a "talk" with Jeter.

We can bitch and moan about the Yankees, but, well, you know...

Obama: Red Sox 2011
Romney: Red Sox 2012
Biden: Red Sox 1965
Ryan: Red Sox 2003
Sox: Army of the Potomac, 1862
Cmdr Flake: Budweiser
hb: Otter Creek IPA

Forgot to give hb permission to blow off Friday and Monday.
The Mudville Bills media accuse the team of running for the bus, when the team goes south. The Sox are running for their Cadillac Escalades, GMC Sierras, Lamborghini Aventadors, McClaren Mercedes GTs,Lincoln Navigators, Ford GTs, et al.
Best Cah owned by a Sox playah? Spaceman's 1971 VW Thing, if it was his or not...

I'm definitely bailing on tomorrow. 6 games under .500, perhaps 7 after tonight?

Not even sure if I'll give you the weird, anonymous Friday group with the somewhat annoying lady who does all the talking.

I think we should revise the rules so that if the Sox go 10 or more games under .500, HB has to do a strip. Kind of like winning by getting no numbers on a Keno card.

"... the weird, anonymous Friday group with the somewhat annoying lady who does all the talking. Doesn't that refer to the FO and Lucchino??

weird anonymous lady can give everyone an etiquette lesson. She does kind of look "Miss Manners" like.

I'm really disappointed to hear that the entire sox team didn't go to the funeral. that was just inexcusable.

"level of douchebaggery"...I like it. I also can't believe this just happened. I truly hope we finish last with this group of losers. Curly Boy-- call it the Curse Of Johnny Pesky.

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