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Bag O' Balls

Uh oh, MLS fans, looks like there's some rumors that Kraft is going to sell and relocate the Revolution.


The who?




But there's nothing sexy about the 2012 Red Sox.


No, but they sure are desperate.


Speaking of desperate, if I'm Cherington I'm on the phone with Suleman to float a straight up trade of Lackey for all 8 of the Octospawn?



Bob Kraft's reputation is being stained by the Revolution? Uh, I don't think so. Maybe John Henry will buy the team and stock it with under-performing Red Sox players.

The Octospawn have value to a number of reality TV producers. John Lackey? meh.
But, why not get Showtime to shoot next years, "The Franchise",to increase that all important cash flow and then having those intangible features that only the Laser Show, Bobby V and Big Papi can fully exploit. They are gonna suck again next year, but the voyuers of america will come for this show.

This is the week that we begin to fire the cannon. With a prediction of 99 wins, SDU needs the team to finish at 40-0 to win the pre-season pool. Technically, still in the running. Maybe he actually predicted 66 wins and the numbers inverted since he is upside down to his friends in the northern hemisphere. SDU - please enjoy your remaining time with us until a Tuesday night loss to the Angels. We thank you for betting with your heart, instead of your head.

Can we throw Veet into the Lackey deal too?

99 wins? SDU, what were you thinking? I only predicted 98.

Bob - you predicted 96 wins. You are around probably till the weekend.

99 problems, and those bitches ain't won.


I thought 81 wins and I ain't confident about that. Winning 22 losing 18? That is awfully iffy, unless the team gets off their collective asses. Last night they mailed it in seriously.
hb, This week you have my permission to be a "Mail It In Like the Sox" working stiff this week, and skip Thursday and Friday's strips.

Well, you know, we all want to save the world.

Fat Boy Clemens has come out of retirement to pitch in the Atlantic League. Fuck that guy. (Since I saw not one minute of this weekend's Sox-Yanks series, this is all I gots, aside from my foot on the gas and a bottle of Woodford Reserve in hand).

And me with my bottle of Colonel Lee. I should move toward the front of the bus.

BTW, the drunk guy hiding in the back is me - I snuck onto the bus after the Toronto disaster... Bottle of Eagle Rare is alomst gone, may need a refill.


Yeah baby!

Nobody told me they would trade Shoppach. Who saw that coming?

Colonel Lee? Eagle Rare? In the summer? Uncouth. Summer is for Jamacian refreshment, Meyer's 125, Meyer's Black.
4 parts Meyer's Black,
6 parts fresh grapefruit juice
6 parts fresh guava juice
2-4 scoops grapefruit sorbet
Place in freezer for 45+ minutes. Entertains 4, inebrates one. Ja, Mon!
Natalie, dahlin' do da bus have a freezer?

In other news, Phyllis Diller is dead. But its a legitimate death, so her body ended that death. She is ok.

In yet other news, My wife discovered a new use of the kids Jolly Ranchers. The hard kind. Put a couple in a pint size jar of vodka, come back in awhile and the candy is gone, but the vodka is not only beautiful but dangersously delicious. Bus worthy stuff.

In other, other news, Bill "The Spaceman" Lee is pitching for the San Rafael Pacifics Thursday night - coming out of retirement again to break his own record. Might be the best RS pitching performance of the year.


Jeff, I've got a Jolly Rancher story for you...but it's one of the most vile, retched stories you'll ever read. It sounds like you like your Jolly Rancher Vodka drink, so I won't ruin Jolly Ranchers for you by posting the link. Just know that if you search google for "jolly rancher reddit", you will be likely to vomit.

Damn, Kaz. You just had to know I was that kid who you could get to put his pecker on the frozen flagpole too. Or was that my tongue? Probably did both at one time or another. Wasnt hard to get me to watch 2 girls either. Its a good thing the jolly ranchers disintegrated in the vodka so as to not have a shape any longer. That story is just fucking gross and it feels like a permanent scar already.

You're welcome, Jeff.

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