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And there goes the Friday strip...

Yeah, but a comeback when Beckett is pitching is like swimming upstream with two 12pc buckets of chicken attached to your ankles.


I once knew a man named Josh Beckett
Whose stahts were like money in your pocket


But then he started to weaken
Some say it was due to the chicken


The sunset is rented so fuck it.



h.b.- I was going to point out that "Beckett" and "pocket" don't rhyme... but at this point, who the fuck cares?

It's time to take Josh Beckett out of the chicken-fryer...he's completely cooked.

Sight rhyme.

I actually wanted to go with this limerick this morning, but couldn't figure out any way to make it segue to/from Red Sox.

I once knew a girl from Woonsocket
Who got off when I dressed like Sonny Crockett
__ In a suit of white linen
__ Oh how I glistened her kitten
Living like George Jung in 80s Woonsocket

He's motorin'-what's his price for flight?? ;D

I once knew a girl from Copley Square
Who got off when I gave her the Beckett stare.
In line for a bucket
Or on the mound earning ducketts
Just trade his ass, I don't care.

Well done, COD, well done.

All things considered, I'd rather be in Limerick.

There once was a manager named Bobby,

He was a cuntbag.

There once was a team called the Sox
Who played like they had ten foot cocks
But this season, my dears,
The only cock from past years
Is in a half-empty six pieces box

The Red Sox starters have sucked
The closer likes to self destruct
Said Bobby V,
"Please don't fire me!"
Henry said: "Nope, only our fans get fucked."

Gold medal for Kaz.

There once was a pitcher named Beckett,
but now the Sox have this guy.


there once was a pitcher named Beckett,
who would see another team and then wreck it,
but from chicken and beer
he lost the aura of fear
and turned everyone into Kirby Puckett.

What a surprise. My direct feed of the 200M final froze just at race time. Way to go on those servers NBC.

I will accept the money,
From any dummy,
Who thinks these losers can win.
We know where to check Beckett
and Lester as well.
DFA and see who'll let us sell.
Those whose value hath fell.
Who knows a sucker is a sucker, so recall well...
"Never give a sucker an even break, never give a chump a an even chance." Larson E. Whipsnade,impresario, and con man.

My aged computer lost a sentence, no matter now, I'll pour myself another Meyer's 125.
(If you care add after losers can win: It ain't a sin./DFA and see...)

eeny meeny miney moe.
Beckett sucks,
So does Lester.
And the rest of them,



There has to be a book in here somewhere(and CHB is just the one to find it)

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