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500 Days of Summer

Thank you Red Sox for putting the "dead" in trade deadline.


C'mon. What part of trading Lars Anderson, Matt Albers, and Scott Podsednik for Craig Breslow and Steven Wright doesn't strike you as bold and decisive?


Meanwhile, so much for the Carl Crawford "4 day plan."...


Now there are rumahs floating that he may need Tommy John surgery and will be out possibly until next summah.


So let me get this straight — either Crawford is OK or he needs surgery depending upon whom you ask?


Welcome to 2012: The Season of Ambivalence, where we can't even get bold and decisive injuries.


It's like the Red Sox are the ultimate beta males and they are dragging us along as wingmen to a fabulous fail fest.



hmm, a peculiar bunch, them Red Sox. Five teams ahead of them for the glory of a one game playoff. Thinking that it just might not be worth the effort, regardless of outcome. There, I've said it. The wild card addition is like a penalty shoot out in hockey, except at the beginning of the playoffs, not the end. Oh, and anybody who says, but wait, the MFY could. lose. it. all. is just silly beyond belief.



//We can't even get bold and decisive injuries.//

So true. I think the Sox medical staff got their training at Mass General Rule.

Given the scramble to be one of the two wild card teams, that one game playoff will end up featuring a #4 starter against a #5 starter, with both bullpens spent. That'll be must see baseball.

If nothing else, we should be betting the over on the game.

I'm so disengaged that I didn't realize Breslow wasn't on the team anymore until we traded for him again.

7.5 games out with eight weeks left, just enough to slow that bus driver down a little...

Me suspects Beckett pulled a Chinese/ ROK badminton team deal, so he wouldn't have to pitch in the rain. I doubt JB ever had to spend hours in the MGH emergency room, wondering if leaving meant you could escape being billed.I noticed having handcuffs on you sped up the process for the wearer. Just saying.

We even got the ultimate beta male win last night. Bases loaded for the Tigers with only 2 away in the top half of the 6th...and, oops, rain! We're all going to die, so let's call the game a win for the Red Sox!

Sorry, Peralta, you're just going to have to imagine you hit a grand slam off Morales to win it all.

The Red Sox aren't Alpha Males. They are the nightmare Girlfriend who you can't dump.

What about Sweeney's decisive injury? I think he just wanted to take the rest of the year off so he punched a door. Broken pinkie?? Out for the year?? WTF?!

At least there's water polo on TV.

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