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Summer Holiday (Place holder 01)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix are on vacation and will return on Monday, July 9.



Look behind the luggage in the lower middle of the panel. is that an ATM card on the floor?

If this was Europe, you would be returning on September 1.

Everyone is looking in off to the left. Is that hb having a "meltdown" because he can't find something?!

We all must have bought a an awful of of Soxaholix t-shirts. Isn't this HB's third vacation of the year?

Is that an octopus on that person's head on the left?

HB, they make portable computers now (you can't be away that long in season!).

"Middlebrooks out of lineup, could head to DL "

awesome twist to the story, on the Road To Oblivion.



Le dénouement arrive.

Why can't we get players like that?

Hy shit, Prim! What's up man??!!

Holy shit! Didn't someone predict the Middlebrooks injury here?! Scary shit. Please keep your 2012 Mayan calender opinions to yourself...

Didn't go to the game last night - trying to avoid the Kaz Kurse. Didn't work.

Going tonight though...may be more excited about the fireworks show after the game.

Taking a bus down with about 40 others.
@Nat - did you take a west coast trip 'cuz we need a good driver.

Alas sonomasox the furthest west we are getting next week is Hot Springs.... but perhaps PaPesky can take over the bus while I am away and head west. Have fun tonight!

hustle Pa...bus leaves in a few hours.

RIP Opie's Pa. Lived in Mt. Airy, NC for a few years (his hometown & fictionalized to Mayberry) - even got a haircut at Floyd's. Never met Otis though.

Sheriff Taylor Paw Andy Ange. Took me til adulthood to realize he was one of my boyhood heroes. RIP.

What about east Nat? Can the bus grow wings and fly up on over here to London? I may get on...I may just supply you lot with some Amsterdam...


"The Red Sox have released Bobby Jenks, reaching a contract termination settlement and placing him on unconditional release waivers. Jenks has not pitched all season as he recovers from back surgery. He pitched only 15.2 innings for the $12 million he received from the Red Sox."

$~800,000 per inning pitched. Where can I get a job like that?

Hey Pseudo!!!!
Drop me line sometime :)

Yep. The fireworks were better.

I'm ready to take the wheel. We need to have Micheal Jackson's creed as a sign on the side: "Bring 'em young." I'm ready to go for a youth movement. Eat Douce-K, Beckett,get something real for Ells. On second thought- maybe the sign wouldn't work.
Great comments on Pesky in Oil Can's book.

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