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Reverse warrior



What still hurting from your first yoga experience?


Yeah, but it's getting bettah—it only hurts when I sit, stand, or lie down.


The same David Ortiz who in each of his past 10 games has at least 1 hit and 1 walk, the longest streak in Sox history.


Somewhere in a cryogenic lab in Arizona the frozen dismembered head of Ted Williams would smile, if frozen dismembered heads were, you know, capable of smiling.


Don't make me laugh, it hurts my bottom chakra.


Maybe you need Kali to lend you a hand?



If Ted were to crack a smile would his face break??

is he still wearing the Hitter.net cap he rolled out in at the All Star game?

I wonder if they store multiple heads in an ice tray. I guess they'd have to insert a stick in each mouth to remove the head pops.

Bikram Vinyasa yoga is, to this day, the most intense workout I've ever had. I didn't realize my shins and ankles could sweat. Those yogis don't fuck around. Also: Memphis is one of the coolest cities in America, and Shiloh hauntingly beautiful. Finally, if you ever get to Corinth, MS make sure you find yourself a slugburger. Your arteries may harden, but it's too fun to miss. In re: Red Sox, I got nothing...clearly.

There's a sports bar in San Francisco called "Connecticut Yankee" that celebrates Boston sports. They have pictures of Red Sox players of all eras, one collection of those still alive, one collections of those who have passed away. Ted Williams's picture is by itself, on the door to the beer cooler! I complained about it being a sick joke and the bartender complimented me for getting it!

Is anyone else warm today?

Are we on Futurama, where the famous have their heads preserved in jars?
Oh, well, it's too damn hot even in Mudville. Time to freeze up some Jamacian Ice Cream ;-)!

Apopos of nothing, and because it seems like a slow day, can anyone explain why I can watch night games from Fenway LIVE on NESN via DirecTV, but the Sox-in-Two rebroadcasts are blacked out here in Hawaii? It's an issue because the 6-hour time difference means the rebroadcasts air here at 6:00 p.m. after normal working hours. Repeated emails and letters to both NESN and the Sox go unanswered.

Jim, I think it is because you have been watching MLB ExtraInnings, not the NESN feed. BTW: Are you pissed off about losing the Viacom channels? If I don't get my Futurama and South Park, well it's like I'd seen the Sox take a bad loss to the team whose name I shall NEVER speak or type, unless I am dealing with someone generally clueless about BOS/NYY baseball.

Papi = no tear.

Have you seen Theo's stalker? I think she's got a real chance with him.


RE: The Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco. Also the only bar in The City with a UMass blanket on the wall over the pool table… Makes one feel at home.

Nope ... NESN feed via DirecTV. MLB's blackout policy makes no sense whatsoever. For instance, ALL SIX west coast teams have designated Hawaii as being in their home markets. How you figgah?? Oh, well ...

"Have you seen Theo's stalker?"

All she needs is a Star Wars light saber and he's be on pah with Steve Phillips

Off the topic but staying with the home nine...is it a pre-requisit to be morbidly obese to be a Red Sox reporter for the Globe?

Nevermind the CHB, have any one of those "writers," ever stood before a pitcher...ever? I don't mean to be mean. You can pass the plate, or not...but obviously the Globe "writers" didn't pass the plate...they inhaled it...and got fat and stupid and got a job at the Globe!

Keep up the great work HB.

Reverse Warrior,is that anything like a reverse cowgirl?? Needed to be said ;D

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