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OK, because I was fortunate enough to wake, bake, and sate with a cruller this morning, I'm willing to go a bit nuts with a the following prediction....


The Red Sox will remain at .500 until they leave .500.


Meanwhile, if your anecdotal observations had you thinking the Red Sox score lots of runs when they don't need them and not enough runs when they do need them, well, the stats bear this out.


Pinto calls those "story" stats.


And the story on the 2012 Red Sox is that they are boring.


They are 50 Shades of Gray without the sex.


They are opening a gift and finding anothah friggin scarf from John Henry.



Of course, you'd have known this about the Red Sox about a week ago if you read the comments here on Soxaholix. I examined the run distribution and concluded that they score 1-3 runs far too frequently as well as 7-8 runs too frequently and 4-6 runs not frequently enough, leading to a flatter distribution of runs than most teams.

If I'm not mistaken, a John Henry scarf gift features prominently in Fifty Shades of Gray. Either that, or the entire book was inspired by John Henry wearing a scarf. One of those two, definitely.

Hey,speaking of 50 Shades of Gray-how about Robert Kraft's new love interest??

"Wish they'd save some runs for when they need them." I've said that a bunch of times this season. Because it seems they either score 8 runs, or 1. I don't do the cipherin' as well as Kaz, but I remember that comment he made and thought he was dead on. In any case, I want a cruller.

Is John Henry the namesake of the long time career wins leader in thoroughbred racing? That John Henry that won stakes races into his teens (Seventies in horse years).

Dunno, but I'm pretty sure he was born with a hammer in his hand.

And I hear his wife de-worms him with her hand up his ass. So yeah, probably the same thoroughbred John Henry.

Ah, they ran the "Family Guy" episode where Peter gets his first prostate exam in Mudville last night, giddidgy,giddidgy,giddidgy!
And last week they ran...Oh, I need a liquid lunch.

That's a great episode cmdrflake. Love how he runs home crying with his pants around his ankles. Funny stuff. Much funnier than an actual prostate exam of course.

You know what else is more fun than a prostate exam? Summer hours.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

If the Sox keep up with scoring more runs than they give up, they'll end with a winning record. These things work out in the end.

Is this team mediocre because they're boring, or are they boring because they're mediocre? All this team needs is a solid win streak.

...or a prostate exam ;D

Irrelevant but true;


"Collingwood are a superpower on the rise. Geelong are a superpower in decline."

If I could figure out what they do, and could get a hat for under $US50, I'm in.

Sounds like the famous line from George B Shaw:

Who is this Baby Ruth? And what does she do.

Hang in there lc, we'll get you a cap:

Bob and H. Rich. Had my annual prostrate check-up last week and my new doctor is a 30 thirty-something good looking blonde. Let's just say it changes things.

Pa Pesky, Was there...ahem...movement?

reality check

that broad still sees your workings as a cool, transparant vsccuum cleaner host that she can fuck around with whenever she wants

RIP Jack Black

I've always thought of myself as a cool host. I wasn't expecting to say- "Did it feel good for you." None of us needs a reality check after watching this team all year. Jack Black?

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