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Is now the time?

I dunno... taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees is certainly bettah than the alternative...


But why does it feel like this is an example of the even a broken clock is right twice a day aphorism.


I've nevah understood why people keep these broken clocks around in the first place.


Well, could be a heirloom... a cuckoo clock for instance.


Or maybe it's just out of batteries.


I think we should just go way back retro and refer to a sundial.


My grans has one in her gahden.


Yeah, what time does it say it is for the Red Sox?


Cloudy with a chance of catcalls.



Unfortunately, management on Yawkey Way will now act as though they are still in the pennant race, and draw out our suffering through Oct. I was sort of hoping they'd dump salary and build towards next year. For whatever reason, I just can't get emotionally invested in this team.

Ditto, COD. And my hatred for Roberto Veet is so all-consuming that even when he is right, as he was last night arguing the HBP call, I still wound up super annoyed with him. This team, man.... I dunno. We should expect ZERO to happen by tomorrow. I just don't think there's a Nomar to the Cubs for Cabrera in our future...

On Yawkey Way, they keep time with a lunatic toc.

Before tomorrow's game my younger brother, a 38 year-old named John who has Down Syndrome, will be down on the field to yell "Play Ball" after the National Anthem. That will be the single coolest thing that will happen for me this season. Don't take my seat on the bus though because after he is done I am getting right back on, especially with Beckett pitching.

My Olympic rant. The entire world saw the opening ceremony live but we get an edited version with inane commentary. To Bob, Matt, and Meredith – here are my grips. During the parade of athletes, thanks for telling me which continent their countries were located on, that’s always a tough one. Mary Poppins is not an ‘enduring ‘ character. Disney’s version is ‘enduring’. In the books (yes, Matt, there are books) she is sort of crabby, hardly enduring. I really wish I could believe that Bob Costas knew more than a line on a note card about Emil Zatopek and Fanny Blankers-Koen. The great Kenyan running tradition can be traced back to Maiyoro rather than Kip Keino. OK. I had to look that one up. But I figured someone preceded Keino and I did the research. Thanks for explaining the Industrial Revolution. I really learned a lot. Also thanks for telling me the London subway is called the Tube. I thought it was called the T, or the L, or the BART. Actually, you told me that Londoners call the subways the ‘Tubes’. I will make sure to call it the Tubes the next time I fill my Oyster Card. For the parade, I would have mentioned how the CIA sold the Hmong down the river as Laos entered the stadium. Now that would have been a good story and probably instructive to most of the country (at least outside of the Twins Cities). Those Ralph Lauren uniforms? They look like they came off the rack at Sears. They have a Sears in Beijing? Commercials? Do you think the Olympians flew on the same United plane that I flew on recently? Dirty, broken seats, non-existent service, incompetent gate personnel? Probably not. Chevy’s ‘Total Confidence Pricing’. Sounds like a scam and another chance to pull down the pants on the American consumer. I so look forward to the next couple of weeks. Most of your programming is made for someone with a fifth grade education. I am sure they are enjoying your Olympics coverage. [Sorry. I so rarely watch television that when I do, it is illuminating in ways that astound me].

The geek in me recoiled as Meridith and friends laughed about not knowing who Tim Berners Lee is. I've been watching most of actual Olympic competition by logging into a VPN that terminates in London so that I can get the BBC live feed.

yb, that was awesome, but where is your vitriol for the incessant Go On promos? They are hyping the shit out of that Matthew Perry show and it is all so spectacularly unfunny I want to pummel my TV every time I see one...

No joke, yaz. I thought the worst of it so far was last night when the women's gymnastics were doing their team qualifications and instead of explaining the scoring system, they just color code it now (Oh look, a 17.9, she gets a green up triangle!).

Then, look, if you're going to tape delay everything, spend that time to put together a package on the winner of the damn race. They hyped the shit out of some Japanese swimmer and the American having some sort of rivalry...and then they both get their asses beat by the South African whose name barely got mentioned at all leading up to the race...and the Australian nobody mentioned at all came in second.

NBC takes such a horrifyingly narrow view of the Olympics it's insulting. If it isn't 'Mericun, then it isn't worth noting. Just look at the opening ceremony and how they replaced a tribute to the London terror bombings with an interview with Phelps! Disgusting.

If NBC covered the World Cup, it'd be a 2 hour special on a Saturday afternoon with clips of just the US goals scored interspersed with interviews of how the players and their families love living in the USA.

off topic, a relative of a friend of mine just named her son Quillicus Isosceles. That kid is fast-tracked for NotY.

Can I play too? I have a turd or two to add to the punch.

Meredith trying to sing along to the stones in the opening ceremony. Stop it. Want to be really happy? NBC has the olympics for the next four i think. You know what their response is to people getting frozen up by their streaming feeds? NBc says get a better computer. Latest study says NBC shows mens sports and scantilly clad womens sports by large margin over otthers. Thats ok, except when we get to see ho hum swimming qualifiers for two hours but only a 20 second summary of Kim Rhode. She has medals from 5 straight olympics games and shot a 99! A fucking 99 out of 100 skeet! 20 seconds. Grrrrrr. Next up.. NBC says they use the in depth story model of presenting the games because a whopping 56% of their viewers are female and girls dont care about sports unless they know more about the athlete. I know of at least one or two ladies who really only care whether the athletes did their jobs right and have big thighs or a salty nickname.

And would someone please tell Costas that we already had one World's Oldest Teenager. Dude needs to give the grecian formula a break, he looks redonkulous.

At least they let the team archery competitions air, even when the American women were out. That was actually very exciting. But not one equestrian event so far - and in case you did not know, the Olympics is actually one of the biggest events in the equestrian world (unlike, say, tennis).

and, then there's Ryan Seacrest. At least they have cut him back, somewhat. oof, what a bloody fail.

Equestrian was on today actually - looked like the cross country part of 3 day eventing. We have a flat screen in the office and I happened to notice it.

Did you all hear that Twitter suspended the account of Guy Adams, the Independent's LA-based reporter who had been heavily critical of NBC's coverage? NBC really are complete fuckers, or as Guy called Matt Lauer, accurately, "tosspots."


I need to work tosspot into my vocab more often.

Well I was on the road this morning and had to listen to Rush for a few minutes. Just to check in with the far right. He was ranting about the tribute to national health service during the opening ceremony. Wonder how he feels about Voldemort.

Obviously Obama got England to work that NHS tribute into the program. The Democrats mind control program knows no national boundaries.

Tosspots one and all. This will be easier than I thought.

There's a lot of action in the British gaming industry. Why doesn't our miserable country legalize sports books? Oh, the players like Beckett might bet against themselves.
Is there a team stupid enough to trade for Beckett? Yup, The Cubbies. Oh, and Theo the Ex-Hero. They aren't the poop being circulated in Bostinium about Fat Josh.
Best TV sports yak? 1-5 Kevin Millaaahhh. Stupid and proud of it since 1990!

I take none of my vitriol back, but am currently at home (slow day in construction), watching women's handball with my boy. Having a GREAT time. We have concluded that Denmark went into the stands and found the first danish looking half retard they could find and made her the goalkeeper. It is one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile. Yes, i am going to hell.

I have absolutely nothing to add today because you guys are seriously cracking me up.

Tosspots indeed.

If you want another colloquialism Jeff, try bumder. :)

Jeffin NC: I have been trying to get admitted to hell all my life, the company's better there.
My onetime girlfriend from the U.K. told me she'd let her flat to a "Rahter well known" athelete, the only charge sha asked of him? She wanted to see "This Adoins" naked. He gleefully complied, and then paid her airfare to Logan. I can't match that, m'dear. She was glad to show me the evidence, but I passed on that. Ain't me style. She still warmly recalls this dopey geek from Mudville, who wrote her papers for a fee, and introduced her to some authors through driving limos.

Well I would have bet heavily on Ryan Lochte. So I am glad sports betting is not available here.

Still fond of "Asshat" ;O

Well, at least NBC's cards are on the table finally.

NBC Tailoring Olympics for America -- Deadspin

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