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This cruel world

Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
What is happiness, Mr Roy?


Seriously, Arturo. I confess I haven't been truly happy evah since Dunkins stopped selling the crullah as a standard menu item...


Sure the crullah can be spotted here and there, but it's not the same.


If I can't go into any Dunkin Donuts and be delighted with a crullah and a coffee then I find myself wanting to cry out, "What you have to understand is that I'm allergic to disappointment and that even one tiny drop will send me spiling ovah the edge!"


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Who knows though. Perhaps at some level you actually long for disappointment.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Perhaps it's not the crullah you want but the experience of being denied those things you think you want?


Yes, I've considered this as well. Has the crullah become foremost in my mind as the hahbingah of happiness precisely because there is an extremely high probability that any random Dunkin Donuts I stop at will no have the crullah?


Perhaps what I want, then, is actually not the most wonderful French twisted pastry invention but the chance to consummate my disappointment, to experience what I most dread which is actually not going crullah-less through the day but which is, precisely, experiencing disappointment?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:


Hmmm, who knows?


What I do know is that I'm not happy.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Ain't nobody happy.



I was happy until I read this, HB. Now I wish I'd gotten one of the crullahs they had in the donut hour at work this morning. My Boston Creme lost its glow.

I too miss the crullah. Sigh.

My question is...is Natalie happy? 5 in a row, 3 games over 500, and Big Papi blasting the media. Looks like the team may be coalescing around Bobby V.

COD- this quote from Bull Durham immediately comes to mind when I contemplate the Sox win streak: "For one extraordinary June and July, the Durham Bulls, for whatever perverse reason, began playing baseball with joy and verve and poetry. The two sides of my own brain were all jumbled up and cross-wired...while one side was being neglected, the other was in paradise watching our Bulls play like Big Leaguers..."

Crullah, smullah. I want to know what happend to the Starbucks maple-oat scone! And don't tell me about that obscene thing with the pecans and a 1/4 inch of sugar...

They're good,but they're not Meltaways.

Speaking of streaks, Natalie, how long do the Sox need to streak for you to follow their example?

Will Tess be streaking too?

Meh. A mini-streak. That 12-step program isn't designed for an entire season. Sooner or later someone will say 'just one beer and one extra-crispy thigh, I know I can handle it'.

Tess and I are only streaking if BV is canned before the end of the season. Or if they win the World Series. Both would be celebratory- the former of my vindication and the latter of my appreciative chagrin.

So an Amazin' Mets impossible-dream torrid finish, with the streaking Red Sox overtaking the Devil Rays in the last week, the sagging Yankees finishing third, followed by a romp through the playoff and a tough seven game World Series loss...

Still no nudity?

I'll let Otto convey my feelings on this one:


long, crullah

and, go


A reminder of happier days - an interview with D Lowe about Game 7 in Yankee Stadium. Hopefully we'll something fun to yak about on Monday.

Pretty sure that is my first ever fun to yak about comment here.

Fucking 3-page article about a pastry! Wow! Boston.com is really concentrating on what's important.

I was in fact pissed that I could not purchase a cinnamon donut at a DD in Chicago. Bastards!!

Should I root for a team that hates each other? Where is the joy in that?

Bad Things That will Happen before the end of the season:
1.)Youk is traded for "prospects". Middlebrooks gets hurt.
2.)Bobby Valentine is left alone by the big 3.
3.)Following the season Big Papi becomes Evil Papi, signing with That Team in the Bronx. (whose name I refuse to type or speak, unless, by rule I am dealing with an idiot or ignorant person that MIGHT become a Sox fan).
4.) Don Orsillo leaves for TBS, which a highly placed source in the TV world says is a lock if TBS decides to continue baseball on Sunday afternoons. This is contingent on TBS getting a national game on a night in the manner of ESPN on Sunday, Monday or Wednesday. TBS wants one of ESPN's nights. This will bear watching.

Want a cruller, cruller Junkies? Paula's Donuts in Mudville, USA. Their best one? Chocolate dipped. Heavenly, with a 20 ounce black, no nothing, just plain coffee, so hot you could leave it on the roof of your car in -10 degree weather for ten minutes, and it is still drinkably hot. Since I retired, I don't need that much coffee. The crullers? GUESS!

YUOOOOOOOOK! We loved you man! I know trading him makes sense, and giving him a chance to play every day is a good thing BUT "The 25-year-old Stewart is 1-2 with a 6.00 ERA in 18 games with the White Sox this season. Lillibridge, 28, is hitting .175 with two RBIs and seven stolen bases in 48 games." WTF do we want with these guys?

That's pretty much Youk's market value these days.

It's worse than that, yazbread. We are also paying all but $2M of his contract for the White Sox too...

So, his value is a scrub pitcher, a scrub hitter, and a $6M groin punch.

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