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The New 97s

Hey, they are finally playing like a last place team so there is that.


Yeah, I recall that day, and I remembah every detail. The Red Sox wore gray, the Jays wore blue.


They haven't been three games under .500 this late in a season since 1997.


This season is like watching a cah crash.


Are you kidding me? This season is like watching Lindsey Lohan and Commerce Secretary John Bryson in a rental cah with a full tank of gas and the insurance waivah.



with Patrick Kennedy giving directions

Love the Casablanca reference. Natalie, I think you need a bigger bus.

The whole point of the bus, from my perspective, is that it eventually runs the fuck over Bobby Valentine (then backs up and runs over him again). WHEN IS THAT MAN GETTING FIRED? IhatehimsomuchIjustwanttoscream.... deep breath, annnnnnnd: more bourbon. And maybe a cigar? Yeah, that's the ticket.

It actually was a very nice evening (nice breeze, no threat of rain), so I actually do agree with the decision to open the roof on Marlin's Park. I hope it is open when I go on Wednesday night (mainly to see Pedroia).

If the Sox pitchers have having trouble with the Miami "wind" they are really screwed when they get to Wrigley.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend HB.

Was at the game last night. If there were swirling winds there I sure as hell didn't feel them. The only swirling breeze I felt was from Marlins rounding the bases in the first. Team looked flat, going through the motions. But the new stadium is pretty cool and after enough $8 beers another loss didn't seem so bad.

Pretty soon, Red Sox sportswriters are going to stop quoting Updike and start quoting Ralph Nader.

Boy do they suck! Anyone here headed to Chicago this weekend? We will be there for Friday's game and hopefully Saturday's as well. Looking forward to the beer, food and baseball. In that order.

Theo and Jed just committed some big bucks to Jorge Soler. We know how that will play out.

How bad is it? I gave up on the Sox with that gawdawful 1st inning, and watched re-runs of "Top Gear". The Brit car show is better value than last night's game, which needed Don and Jerry to save it with their time killing abilities second to very few.
Egads, I need to get more Captain Morgan Black, good and cheaper than Meyer's 125.
The Captain's going to be useful this bleak summer.

@cmdrflake: I've been drinking the Kraken lately. Better than the Cptn Morgans, I think. 94 proof, also.

I tried to watch last night, gave up, then went to bed only to be awakened by nightmares of being attacked by Bobby V's eyebrows. Maybe should not have released the Kraken.

Oh, ye of little faith.

Oh, ye of little faith, indeed. Our closer and our whole outfield (including an MVP candidate in Jacoby) are hurt all year so far. If you can't envision a monster 2nd half of the season, something's wrong.

I got on the bus because it was the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it.

I believe Valanetine will last the season but not be back. FSG kicked King Kenny to the curb at Liverpool, and I see them doing it to Valentine at end of season. Business decision - he was paid to win and did not.

In other baseball news, Angel Hernandez continues to fuck up the game of baseball in other stadiums with other teams in exactly the way he used to fuck with the redsox. At least it was not personal.

Forget the Cap'n and Kracken. Diplomatico is the way to go. No need to add anything but a cube...delicious.

Also helps to forget the play on the field. If they continue this slump into the ASG - BV may be gone in a month.

What's Yaz doing? Would he like to coach for 60% of a season?

Time to cut the losers and the losses.

@sonomasox: ever have Ron de Barrilito? Don't even need the ice cube.

I brought back a case from PR a couple of years ago. It's almost time to go back for more.

Nice Old 97s reference in the title HB. Was that on purpose?

Yes, on purpose re "since the 97 team"

Is it a generational thing? The thought of rum straight up is revolting.

You know what else seems to be generational? Men waxing their body hair.

Jesus fuck. I've got a friggin old school 70s porn hairy chest I'm proud of it. I flaunt it like Denny Terrio.

The idea of waxing is just totally foreign to me.

I love chest hair on men. And a happy trail? Yum...yes please. Men who wax their body hair from places other than their back skeev me right out.

"I love a manly chest"

"Yeah. So do I. I mean on a girl!"

-Cheech (also generational I think)

Jeff in NC, I figure we are stuck with Bobby V for 2 years. I don't think the managment will be so quick to admit they made a (big) mistake, especially with how drawn out the hiring process was.

I would love to see him gone by the ASG, but I'm resigned to 18 months of his creepy, pearly white smile.

@Frank: No Ron de Barrilito yet but on the list.

@yazbread: Don't know but there's some real good stuff out there.

@HB: Only wax my taint. Not sure if that's generational though.

"Oh, ye of little faith, indeed. Our closer and our whole outfield (including an MVP candidate in Jacoby) are hurt all year so far. If you can't envision a monster 2nd half of the season, something's wrong." --jeff

This is what scares me more than anything else, honestly. I'm fatigued on Boston teams that suck to start the season, suddenly burst out of their cocoons of sucking around mid-season, enflame passions as beautiful playoff-bound butterflies...and then launch themselves unrelentingly into the bug zapper of ugly defeats in the playoffs.

I just had to live through the 2011-12 Celtics doing it...the Bruins also did it...the Pats did it...the 2011 Sox essentially did it...the 2010-11 Celtics did it...the 2010 Pats did it spectacularly to the Jets in their worst game of the entire season of superlatively superior offense...

Not all of those necessarily started out badly, improved to one of the best in their league...some, like the 2010 Pats were rockets all the way up until they exploded on reentry. But other than last year's Bruins, being a Boston sports fan has been a bigger teasefest than a quarter-per-5-second peep show.

Wray and Nephews Overproof Jamaican rum-124 proof.Ice cubes are very afraid. I love it when the Soxaholix wax poetic ;D


me of little faith.
this bunch of dopes conssists of over-paid, over-entitles, over-tenured fellows who have already made their payday. On my fucking back.

Had a chance to catch a game at the House That Beer Built in a couple of weeks time.
I passed. I'd rather mow the law and whatnot.


mow the lawn. the law hast already been mowed by Scalia, Roberts and the like. sorry hb, your mileage varies.

lc (a person, just like Chevron)

lc,surly but corporate ;O

@h.b. et al re chest hair/waxing/ewwww,

I think there's a possibility that I'm the youngest (or one of the youngest) person round these parts and I have to say that I definitely think the whole waxing phenomenae is generational.
As I mentioned before I grew up a swimmer and they tend to be a pretty hairless bunch on the whole. So I sort of saw that as the norm, but these guys weren't doing it for aesthetic reasons, they did it because a lack of hair helped them go marginally faster in a race.
But the first time I got me some hairy chest love? Never turned back. And I just don't get the need/want to rid oneself of it. It's lovely and soft and (most of the time) nice to shove your face into and take a big ol' whiff.
All those lovely pheremones get tangled up in it and if you're attracted to a person biochemically it makes them practically irresistable. Why would you want to remove something that could turn your lady into a crazed sex monster? *shakes head*

As an aside when I told the hubs about swimmers shaving he asked 'Balls too?'
Why...wha..I don't even...

Also, just because I've noticed living in the UK for the last 5 years, the removal of body hair seems to be about 95% American. Not saying that men over here don't do it for whatever reason, but there seems (to me) to be a lot more men that side of the pond suffering from selective alopecia.

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