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Show me your eggbeatah!

The Red Sox are getting swept so much this year that they should replace the Jonh Hancock signature with the friggin O Cedah logo.


So with yestahday's loss the Sox managed to lose ground to every AL East opponent.


We're like the Greece of the AL East.


Maybe Germany can bail us out.


So what is the bright side?


The bright side is that all of sudden watching hours of odd sports I don't understand at the London Olympics is looking a whole lot more appealing.


Hello synchronized swimming!


Hey, don't be dissin' the synchro.


Seriously, I'll have you know that some of my filthiest fantasies involve synchronized swimmahs.



I am so very afraid to click that link on my work computer...

(thank god for smart phones)

Wow, those chicks are so hot I might even switch teams.

Speaking of switching teams, think the Yankees are accepting submissions for new fans?

Sorry, just kidding (re the Yanks, not the smokin' hot Brazilian twins). Don't mind me, I'm drunk. Sorry guys, we may need to replace the bus's stash of bourbon soon... :)

9:16 AM on a Monday, drunk and dreaming of Brazilians. Natalie, you are a goddess.

Sox get swept by Nats, C's get elminated by Heat, Stanford gets destroyed by FSU.

Thanks h.b., I needed that.

Natalie rules!!

Heading to Sox-Marlins tonight. Beckett vs Johnson. Hopefully we'll see a good pitching duel at least.

Hmmm...Visual Viagra. Thanks, h.b.

My friend asked me as we were headed to the game on Sunday what the last time I saw a Boston sports team win when I attended the game was.

I've watched the Sox lose every game I've attended at Fenway this year...I went to see the Pats at Buffalo last year which was a loss. I didn't make it to any Bruins or Celtics games this past winter. The Sox lost every game I saw in September last year...

I think it's been almost a year since I personally saw a Boston sports team actually win a game.

I used to be a swimmer...not the synchro kind though, so therefore adding nothing to the conversation. Ho-hum...

Nice being drunk before 10 on a Monday morning Nat, you on Oz time or still on a tear from last night?

very nice, altho Mrs. Ponch has spoiled me enough that I want them to be more chesticular. Probably wouldn't work so well for synch swimming, though.
We cannot speak of synchronized swimming without this to watch, of course (hard to find! SFW)

Should I keep the illusion going and pretend I am actually drunk on a Monday morning at 10 and not in a series of meetings? Yup. So, it's been a three day bender on this bus, non-stop drinking and smoking, with some hot Brazilian three-ways thrown in for good measure. We don't do anything halfway on the Bus to Last Place. :)

Just got back from a recording session for Peyronie's Disease. Lots of laughs for the voice-over talent, and it segues perfectly with today's strip and comments.

I don't think I could ever live in Brazil - not good for marital or professional success. But wouldn't mind the twins joining the bus ride.

After this weekend though I feel like the guy in the last picture off to the left.

Every agency ... is defined by the moment they got their first urological disorder.

I wonder if Josh Beckett had lunch at Pollo Tropical.


Not the traditional fried chicken, but tonight he is pitching like last september's chicken eating Beckett.

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