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Oh, Papi!


Yeah, now that's what I call "executive privilege" right there.


For the first time in the 2012 season I'll grant that the Red Sox are hot.


Hot and agressive.


Seriously. They are like the Cristina Kirchner of baseball right now...


Today the Marlins, tomorrow the Malvinas!



Um, I think you mean 'Maldives'.

Ah, no. I don't mean the Maldives, I mean the MALVINAS which is what the Argentines call the Falklands and, if you recall from your history, are a kinda sorta important piece of real estate to the national persona of Argentina and explains why they prefer not to use the British Empire's naming convention for the islands.

But, hey, so you're not that good at geography... I mean it's not like you work for the State Dept or anything, right?




I humbly genuflect before your greatness and accept my beating.

I am Pwned.

I forgot Obama's miscue. (I try to forget as much as I can about the dude, so there's my excuse.)

You forgot Poland.

Cristina Kirchner is some hope and change that I could get behind. Or in front of.

As long as we are on the subject of South America... Spy movies to the contrary, I don't see a U.S. Administration assasinating someone on British soil, or Swedish soil. Ecuador, on the other hand, come on down Julian Assange...

I know this is really un-worldly of me but the only thing both Kirchner and Cameron make me want to do is punch them in the face.

Or the back of the throat.
One or the other.

Donkey punch?

So now I've got that image stuck in my head ;O

I'm sure it doesn't need explaining...I hang out with 98% dudes and I think that just because I lack a wang-dangle I should be limited to using crude metaphor for my own gender.

And sometimes, a well placed cock joke is the best thing in the world.

"Don't cry for me Most of New England..."
"We are just a .500 ball club, not much to ask for, so that's my promise".. I kept my promise.
Keep on overpaying.
I kept My Promise... With apologies to Andrew Lloyd Weber. I put up with his stuff, only if I get serviced afterward, and I DO NOT mean an oil change!

North on Downeaster

Reading Philbrick's "Mayflower"

A lobster future.

Fried clams top lobster in my book.

PNC Park is a really nice ballpark...too bad the locals don't realize what they've got.

Mahlins, Malvinas, and lastly, the Malcontents. Good Luck, Bro.



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