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Two high qual stahts in a row from Buchholz.


Not that there is a lot of competition here, but my nomination for the greatest moment in the nascent 2012 season is Buchholz giving up a triple against the first battah he faced in the game and then going on to strike out the side on 13 pitches.


That was ballsy.


That was 70s retro porn unwaxed hairy ballsy is what that was.


Meanwhile, did you notice this tidbit, "Beckett taught Buchholz a split-finger fastball before his start against Tampa Bay May 16 [and] Buchholz threw 11 of the pitches Tuesday, using the offspeed pitch thrown on a sharp downward plane to keep the Marlins from timing his fastball"?


Well who knew? Beckett as Kwai Chang Caine.


Ah, yes, I can see it now...

"When you can snatch this chicken nugget from my hand, it will be time..."


"for a beer."



Once again, you have made my day. Thank you.

hb, literal LOLoudly once again. I'm going to be giggling all day now. Thanks!

You have done it again,Grasshopper ;)

Once again, you have made my day. Thank you.

I always thought that Kung Fu was set in China. Turns out Caine was hanging around in Thailand.

@yaz, ba dum tssh.

The Claymnore may not have Saturn balls, but perhaps Japetus?

Super funny today. I was at fenway last weekend and I am sure some of you guys are jaded regulars, but even in the middle of this shite season and having to watch dice-k suck, it was pretty awesome.

@jfm - I was there too and totally agree. Then again, maybe it was just the great weather.

does anyone else hear this "bom chicka wah wah" when you read this slide?

@Jack, that particular soundtrack is repeatedly going through my head all the time. All. The. Time. It's been the bane of my existence.

Beckett for Pitching Coach 2012!

@Pseudo, interesting "ear worm". Mrs. Jack currently has Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" stuck in her head, and has been humming/singing it for the past 3 days.

Ah, thoughts of Beatrix (Kill Bill II) learning from the crazed Pei Mei, who may have been somewhat more dedicated to his calling than Josh Beckett appears to be sometimes.
"Do not fear the board. The board should fear YOU!"
Or, "Do not fear the bat. The bat should fear you!

Walked past the Naked Cowboy in Times Square last night as he was singing "Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head." 15 hours later, it's still there. Ever get a song stuck in your head and have NO idea how it got there? A ways back I woke up and literally the first thought to cross my brain was "Motorin'! What's your price for flight?"

Damnit Nat-now see what you did!!!

@Jack, I'm feeling for your wife, and you by extension. That's almost as bad as me having MacArthur Park stuck in my head for a whole week. Why the shit did you leave the farking cake out in the rain for, you numpty?

Uh, anyone else wondering what a numpty is?

A numb-skull.

Sammy Davis Jr: "The Candy Man"
All together now: Who can take a sun rise......sprinkle it with dew....
Try to get rid of that.

And I'm instantly transported back to our 4-plex in Torrejon Spain, with my dad spinning the SAmy David Jr records all day long.

The theme from "Green Acres". That damn thing will not leave, like an obnoxious in-law, or worse, a relative that is a fan of the New York American League franchise, whose name I shall not type out. But, back to GA's theme, a comic gal pal, once closer,re-worded the lyrics of Mrs. Douglas' refrain to : "Fuck 'dis place, an gimme Park Avenue." Get idiots in a ball park going on that and the Sox losing is relegated to secondary level of moral distress.

Somebody's watching me. Rockwell.

You're welcome.

Oh, and pseudo... With a soundtrack like that and your professed digging of the manly chest and all other absolutely fabulous references and innuendos to things erotic and sexual and taboo, if you turn out to be BigBri in disguise I am going to find your mom's basement and come cut your balls off.

HB shoots ... He SCOOOOORES!!

This soundtrack needs to be put out there on K-Tel ;)

.. and Casey Kasem doing the song introductions.

One Night In Bangkok, Murray Head (or Mike Tyson in Hangover 2 if you like).

@Jeff, I know on these interwebs and all that it's sometimes hard to know, but you could ask h.b. to check my ip and he'd let you know I'm definitely not in Chilcothe (or whatever). What he couldn't tell you is whether or not I'm rocking the breasticles...*looks down*...I am.
You can thank my grandfather for the attitude, he taught me all I know about baseball and, by extension, life. And he was a filthy, dirty old coot.

Also, Safety Dance. That is all.

And anyway, A-Fraud already beat Jeff to Big Bri's basement.

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