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Make way for walkers

The Orioles are stahting to become quite the annoyance.


Hey, so we lost the game? What's really important is we looked great in the exit polling. Heh.


Speaking of exits, sayanora Daniel Bard.


Man, getting sent back to AAA has got to be tough on the psyche.


Seriously, I imagine it's trying to make your way to your coach seats on the back of plane but the perp walk through like through first class nevah ends.


Gritting your teeth and thinking "Mothafucking hot towels! How can something so meaningless be something I want so badly right now?"


And as for gritting your teeth ovah the nevahending, welcome back, Dice-K.


Yep. It's time for Dice-K to walk the walk. And the walk. And the walk. And the, er, walk.



"You hit white balls for batting practice, the ballparks are like cathedrals, the hotels all have room service, and the women all have long legs and brains." Yeah, sucks to be Bard. And just what this season needed: some watching of paint dry on growing grass....

I not only welcome Dice-K, I embrace his pitching philosophy: nibble now, nibble later, nibble a snack at 12:15 am when the game ends.

Perhaps we can enter the pitching staff in this:


Ugh. I was at the game last night. Drifting off into hypothermia when I thought I might get lucky! I had a bit of a buzz on and was flirting with this hottie called the Ninth inning.

Then I woke up NOT next to a Ten, but the Tenth.

Another walk of shame back to the Tube Station at Midnight.

Two thoughts in combo--

"Something wicked this way comes."

--Ray B and Dice K.

I wonder why Bard didn't wind up on the DL with a bruised ego.
"Sucked on another level"-What Remdawg wanted to say, channeling his inner self.

Hey, it could be worse than Dice-K. It could be Lackey being activated.

Imagine if Mothra actually came back improved??

Wewill find out if the redsox training system has a cure for chickenshitedness. I assume Valentine knows how to say in Japanese "throw that fucking ball over the plate or I'm going to piss on your sushi after the game"

They are limiting Mothra's pitch count to 140 in his first start. Just to play it safe.

New dawn at Fenway.
Sun rises with no hurry.
Totem for Dice-K.

Seriously, is this the most interesting Sox team since '04 ... or what!

Ah, that old Chinese curse surfaces here: "May you live in interesting times."
The 2004 Sox could kick the collective asses of this team. They WERE interesting for the RIGHT reasons. This season's team is interesting for the wrong reasons.
Over/under numbers on Dice -K innings? 2.2 Innings to 100 pitches? 4.

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