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High OBP just out of reach...

Prepare your farewells to the Greek God of Walks.


Talk about your Greek tragedies.


Seriously, this is like Zeus kicking Tantalus off Olympus.


Well, they don't call Boston "the Athens of America" for nothing.


Somebody wheel out the ekkyklêma.



It's Greek to me ;D

Someday I'm going to get around to reading all those great works of ancient literature that the non-engineering students had to study. Someday...

I understand that Youk is getting older, isn't particularly mobile, and probably will never have the trade value in the future that he does today. That said, the idea of not yelling Yooouuuukkk at the TV 3 or 4 times a game just feels wrong. He so epitomized the post curse Red Sox for me that him getting traded away feels a little like crossing a threshold that we can never come back from.

Natalie might need to restock the bar on the bus...

I will miss listening to road games when RSN chants of 'Youuuk' drown out the 5,000 home fans. Of course, this assumes that I ever watch another Sox game. Also remember Youk's first home run when he returned to the dugout and got the silent treatment from his teammates (for a few seconds) and he highfived the air.

This reminds me... need to stock ouzo on the bus. You think Seamless delivers, since I ain't slowing down?

Natalie, please save some seats on the bus for Tim Thomas and Raoul Pal. (Oh, and room for their supplies.)

Natalie, do you have an ekkyklêma on the bus for crudite and chips and dip?

Bob, when you come on board, bring yours!

I'm with you, COD. My sentiments exactly.

Hope we get something worthwhile if he is going to go.

Mmmmmm, ouzo. When I was stationed in Germany we went to Greece for a live fire exercise and brought back some of the 5 star variety. I vaguely remember getting plastered and shooting fire extinguishers at each other. That, and the chronic, will be perfect compliments on the bus.

Ambivalence. But some poor feller on the team is now going to have to take all the beanballs to the head area in his stead. And no, not that embarassing Soppach lean into the pitch and get the base version, but real headhunter stuff.

Bubblin away here at the back of the bus. Throw something at me if there is someing to see.

Oh, I need souvlaki, with a 20 ounce Coke, before Empress Michelle of the Food Police bans all that is great and good. On second thought I am close to a world class giro. Mudville might not have much, but greek eats? OH YEAH!
Youk would love going home to Cincinnati, except who do the Reds have that could help the Sox?

Youk might be on the trading block, but doesn't Tom Brady have to sign off on the deal?

until it happens, it's just the annual "Is Youk about to be traded" article. Felt the same way about the annual "Is Manny about to be traded?" and I was only wrong once :-D

LC - I showed your Cubana picture and comments to a colleague. He is an Air Force brat and airplane geek. He loved your comments but said the plane was a TU-204 rather than a Ilyushin Il-96. Two engines versus four engines.

Trading Youk is a mistake. They don't need more starting pitching--their first three pitchers are extremely good, and their fourth & fifth starters are better than the average. Relief pitching is the best in the majors, w/Bailey & Melancon eventually returning. Outfield is terrific, with Crawford, Ellsbury & Ross returning! If anything, they need flexibility in the infield and at DH w/ Youuuuuk.

Bard just got optioned to Pawtucket.

We finally get lc back and then we lose Yooouuuk. Oh well, round-abouts amd swings, I suppose.

Wow. I thought that was a joke at first, Bob, but apparently not.

The move to Pawtucket for Bard has many facets for arguments to be built around. My giro was excellent, and only 225 calories, which the Coke more than equalled. My apologies to my MD, who is not going to like that. The Empress of the Food Police? Nuts to her. She's poisoning the Food Network now. Leave that channel alone!

@yb. I stand corrected. At leat the two engines worked (both directions). One of the more interesting aspects of the flight is that the ground crew (namely, baggage handlers and the like) flew to mexico, did their jobs and the got back on the plane to return to Habana. Not much chance to defect if you are tied to the plane. We flew in and out of Cancun.

Meanwhile, I came home early today, and flicked on NESN. They did a replay of the 100th birfday celebration where they brought all the old coots back to Fenway. I wept like an orphan child,again. Not often when you literally see you life passing before your eyes.



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