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Growing apart

Hey, relax everyone. The Red Sox are "evolving" and they are "still a title threat."


And I know it's true because it's from the mainstream media.


Yeah but by "evolving" I think they mean that in Septembah the Red Sox will come out in favah of gay marriage.


Well, if not marriage, they certainly seem headed for divorce.


You know divorce is always hahdest on the kids.


I know. I mean who gets custody of Ben Cherrington?



Funny stuff, hb. The loser in the divorce is the one who gets stuck with Lackey.

The Home for Little Wanderers?

In a real divorce, Lackey would be sold and the proceeds split.

I wonder what each recipient would do with their shiny quarter.

"Why can't we all get along?"

Chicago was great. Last city in the USA that encourages you to drink, smoke and eat unhealthy food. Red Sox fans were EVERYWHERE. I didn't notice any player disagreements in the bullpen and we were right there...

Lackey is the guy you pay to get rid of. Perhaps he'll go to That Team in the Bronx and pull his act on them.

Went to the Cubs/Sox game on Saturday and Lester was fuming when he saw Bobby V coming out to get him. You could tell there is not alot of love there.

Beckett inspires

I think the bus needs a quick detour to Aspen. Welker is inspiring out there - "catching" a nice buzz. Could use him on board during down times.

things will start to improve the minute the Youk express crosses the city limits

you say evolve, I say devolve, let's call the whole thing off.



We are Devo ;D

I kind of like evolution. I like it in my two eyebrowed upright walking women. I think it makes a redsox fan significantly more attractive than a typical yankee loving knuckledragger. Unfortunately some like to deny evolution in favor of stories they read - they think Valentine is only 6000 years old.

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