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Garlic and butter

Doobie doobie do...


It's nice to see that on occasion the Sox can summon the pitching and the hitting reminiscent of champions.


For those brief moments baseball is a paradise again and life seems to make sense.


Yeah, now I know how Napoleon felt on Saint Helena when they'd treat the poor exiled despot to a plate of escargot.


The emperor fancied the gastropods did he?


The Little Corporal loved the things.


Makes sense... I mean I nevah took him for a Beef Wellington kind of guy.


Little known fact... towards the end when he was in ill health and losing his faculties, he was often heard wandering around the island muttering "Who got biggie snails?"



Napoleon especially enjoyed snails that did not bathe.

I've read elsewhere that he had a particular fondness for oysters that do not shave.

I actually watched the game last night as it was the free game of the day on MLB.tv.

How about that perfect game though?

That perfect game was a sight to see, but can we please, please have a moratorium on "Cain is Able" headlines? Every. Single. Time.

I agree; it's time for some new, bad Cain headlines.

Cain sugar!
Right fielder raises Caine!
Cain beats Houston!
Cain puts down Mutiny!
Yan Cain Cook!

Yes He Cain!!

I have that awful feeling that the Sox are going to get a no-no thrown at them. Ah, well the Giants needed a ray of sunshine.

The perfecto was tremendous but sadly (not shockingly) fans were leaving in the middle of the game. Have a friend that went to the park in the 6th and was handed multiple tickets. The Giants stamp your hand so he couldn't get into the park but SF has an arcade in RF where you can watch for free. He ended up in the front row out there to watch the rest.

So - Doobie pitches well and they catch the Cape Cod bear - all is good again, right? Maybe the bus can stop at the next Cumbie's for a re-load.

31-32 and an no game tonight?

You know what that means... see you on Monday.

Hopefully we'll have omething fun to yak about ;D (sorry Bob,it was right there)

Something...in the way she moves.

I am sorry, General Bonaparte, but we are almost out of snails. You just killed our last 2 paquets.

Enjoy the long weekend, h.b. See you Monday!

Yes, Harwich, but I spell it "something."

Matt (don''t call me Herman) Cain.

anything less than a sweep of the Cubs will be disappointing, now that the club is firing on all two cylinders (right, a lawn mower joke. For those of you scoring at home, and I hope you are, that's two consecutive lawn mowing references. I think I've found my voice for the season.)



//Matt (don''t call me Herman) Cain.//

I faced 9 batters over 9 innings and put up 9 zeros.

I call it my 9-9-9 game.

sweet, hb

I was amazed to learn that at 125 pitches, that was the longest perfecto ever thrown! I thought that back in the old days, guys enjoyed chucking 200 or 300 a night.

No H.B. No new strip. It's beautiful out and I'm stuck in the office.

I'd say that's a game below .500 kind of day.

But there is day baseball in chicago this afternoon and that makes being stuck in an office more bearable.

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