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Doubling down

Well, it's official: The Red Sox are "Streaking."


What's aftah that in the panoply of cliches, "red hot"?


Hmmm... next might be "confident."


But what about "ovahcoming diversity" where's that?


Hey, you can joke but the truth is this team owns the league in hitting mofo doubles.


And that's saying something.


Yeah, what?


I don't have a fucking clue.



It's saying, "For God's sake, A-Gon, drive me in for once."

Coupled with the fact that the Sox are right in the middle of teams in LOB and scoring position LOB and what do you have? A .500 team

although I'm liking the trend this week of sacrificing to move runners along and (gasp) a suicide squeeze. The Titanic may be turning around ever so slightly

Ever see a 6000 year old man streak?? It's not a pretty sight ;D

I think the team got past 'overcoming diversity' a long time ago.

Streaking? Natalie? Tempted off the buss yet?

Welkah, are you asking me to streak? ;)

As for tempted off the bus... not even slightly. [takes bong hit, steps on the gas]

Our playoff potential is 12% higher than the first place Indians... How the hell does that work?

Steve in MD, The observer hasn't seen the Sox post 9-01-11.

Harwich.. Lol. I have not seen a 6000 yr old streaker, but i presume he would need to push a wheelbarrow in front of him.

Under-sack salve by Mennen. "When it comes to soothing road burn, we pass the testes."

One more meeting to go, then my nice long weekend begins. So if I don't see you creepy people in the meantime, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Stupid doubles.

Egads, there may be some goodies in the proverbial window for contenders to think about as the Sawx hold their first fire(ing)sale of the century. Natalie, keep your clothes on. Streaking can be expensive, invest in Powerball Tickets and Fuel for the bus. Me? I drive alone.
Yeah, yeah with nobody else/
'Cause ya know when I drive alone, I prefer to be by myself. (To paraphrase George Thorogood, the best S.O.B out of Delaware, way ahead of fucking Biden, who may be fired before Bobby Valentine!)

doubles, diversity, whatever. Maybe this team would be good at hitting it in the clown's mouth in minigolf.



So one of Maddon's pitchers got ejected for cheating - what a frigging surprise...

If his last name was Clemens he'd have gotten away with it ;D

Why does Roger's kid,Koby, always look like he has just shit his pants in these after the trial photos?
Thanks Buckner and Kaz. Missed Bob and Reed the doodler are Durty Nellys (Sat.) but 21st Amendment and JM Curleys were great stops."Boston is a great city to walk in," (any batter facing Bard or Dice K).

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