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Do the trains run on time?

Well, how about that. The Red Sox lose a game but *still* remain above .500.


Yeah, there's nothing quite like having an enormous cushion of wins to soften the, er, occasional loss.


And still only 3 games off the lead.


Absolutely. Welcome to the season of parity. With the exception of Minnesota, there's no team in the American League more than 5.5 games from a playoff spot.


It's like a Marxist wet dream. The high payroll teams are thrown in the heap with everyone else.


The springs of co-operative wealth are flowing abundantly.


Yeah, but even if you're in a "from each according to his ability" world, you really don't want to be last in a breadline the wraps around some gray block in Thiscloseagrad come Octobah.



Workers of the world unite,you have nothing to lose but your obp.

Long live Valentinism--the triumphant banner of Great October, the powerful ideological weapon in the struggle against Yankee imperialism.

Speaking of having enormous cushions

uh, well. I heard it's baseball season. June 1 and all. I don't really get it, or this team, but the creepy strip correctly points out that all of baseball is mediocre, so we are the Kings of Mediocrity (hb excluded of course). Still, if the biggest story is man-mountain Tito posing along side his gigantic cockring (SFW), or some flash boy trying to fill Carl Bean's shoes at Fenway, what do you really have? We can all loook forward to Doc. Chuck's tribute to Glenn Geffner when The Little Feller Triumphantly Returns To Fenway with the Miami Marlins next week.(NSFW) Be still my heart. So little to do, so much time.


Is Tito bigger than Gronk?...and does Kim know? ;D

We are all proles...aren't we?

I'm liking baseball on the whole at the moment. There's a lot of people getting down because 'our' team is on the figurative shitheap, but there's something about this season that makes me...a little happy inside. I don't know what it is. It's very easy to get mired down in our own crap and forget there's a whole lot more out there to be inspired by.

Also, if y'alls was still all about the monarchy you'd have a four day weekend. Long live the Queen and all that noise. :)

No inbred ruling family in this country, thank you. At least until next year.

Speaking of inbred ruling families, anyone else looking forward to the S2 finale of Game of Thrones? I'm sytmied tring to figure out how they'll end it in a similar manner to the second book (trying to avoid spoilers here) without the whole Sir Dontos and Queen of Thorns storylines that were in the book.

Looking forward to it. Agree with most folks that Peter Drinklage probably grabbed his second Emmy last week.

Couldnt' agree more - my favorite character in the books and favorite actor in the series.

to paraphrase a line "On behalf of the people of the Commonwealth, nice to see lc back"

Dear Celtics - Please win tonight. The prospect of your getting swept by the fucking Heat and my having to listen to the bandwagon jumpers I work with crow about how great they are is not something I want to deal with. Thanks for your help.

SI reports that Youk is on the trade block: http://tracking.si.com/2012/06/01/boston-red-sox-to-trade-kevin-youkilis/?sct=mlb_t2_a3

Maybe we can get a decent pitcher for Youk. Or a bag of chins.

Well, since the agency's summer Friday hours start today, I shall be leaving a bit early. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I wouldn't be trading Youk until they see how Middlebrooks does the SECOND time around against a few teams. If teams make an adjustment, and he can't counter, this could not turn out well.

Oh, and BTW, "summer hours". WTF are those, and how do I get some?

In the NFL Youk would have left long ago as his cap hit would have been excessive due to his having been on IR (That's the 60 day DL for those not into the No Fun League) same for Dice K, need I go on? Well, we could get a bunch of set up bodies, perhaps a washed up closer in his 40's....

In advertising, it's traditional to get summer hours on Fridays. It used to be that agencies got every Fridays off entirely. I don't remember those days. I do remember when they'd split the staff in two, and we'd alternate Fridays off. Nowadays, we're happy with getting an hour or two.

summer hours AND weekly beer cart? I'm in the wrong business

Trade Youk now, before he gets hurt again. He looks good since the DL stint; value will never be higher than it is right now. I can't for the life of me figure out why they're still using Punto at 2B. Put Brooksie there until Youk is gone, keep Gonz at 1B where he belongs and Sweeney in RF. How bad could that be? He allegedly was taking infield at SS the other day. 2B must be easier to play than SS, and Aviles has been a pleasant surprise so far. Why eff with him?

I'm now 0-3 at Fenway for the year and 0-4 including an away game in Toronto.

This year is starting to look like last year where I ended up seeing a W-L record of like 3-7 for the year which was only a 0.5% chance of happening based on the fact that they had a winning record at Fenway or something like that.

4th place, baby!

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