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So are we all enjoying this taste of 4th place.


I dunno... I was expecting it to taste a big more like chicken, but othah than that though it's the awesome.


OK can we call this Daniel Bahd experiment a success now and move on?




Yeah, you know, it's all in the hypothesis, right?


Bahd was terrible as a stahtah before. He then was moved to relief where he experienced incredible success.


So let's move him back to stahtah and see if he reverts to pervious suckitude.


Q.E.D., Red Sox.


Next up: The Matzusaka experiment.


Christ, now I remembah why I hated high school chemistry.


This would be a good time to make note of the safety stations around the room... I've got a feeling somebody's gonna end up with acid in their eyes.



I prefer to ingest mine ;O

Bard pitched like he was tripping or something yesterday. Great strip, hb. Last panel was LOL funny :)

Time to take the Jag out for a spin.

I knew the XKE wouldn't start. I prefer the "hanging himself in his office" solution better anyway.

As for acid in the eye, it's usually self-inflicted when having to watch Dice-Triple A pitch.

Mrs. Steve in MD read the Matzusaka panel and left the room screaming...

#high school chemistry. I prefer when the Grignard reaction goes awry and the magnesium ignites...white light so bright it temporarily blinds the whole class for about 30 seconds...good times, good times

Steve,screaming in joy or utter abject terror??

@Harwich, more like Hitler pounding on the table and screaming "Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein..." in the movies that's been parodied a dozen times (to lazy to go find the name of the original flick).

It was Inglorious Basterds, which is a lot like the Sox play in September and April. That flick is awful. Tarentino ought to do Kill Bill III, which couldn't be as bad as that turkey. KB II had the greatest catfight in history in it. Reminds me of the NL east these days ;-) The first KB had the slaughter of the crazy 88s, where I think the Dice man may have been deflowered by Beatrix, just like the Obama Sox back last year. (Before that?)

the flick was #Downfall. How fitting. In any case I remembered that I promised some pictures of my trip to Cuba in March. Here's a link. I'm not in any of the pictures.


Downfall is the flick I was thinking about, not Inglorious Basterds. If you haven't seen "Hitler finds out Massachusetts Senate Seat Was Won by Republican Scott Brown" check it out on youtube - its hilarious. And there are a dozen others like it.

I thought "Downfall" was a miniseries, but there we are.
"Inglorious Basterds" manages to be akin to the Sox in September last year and in April. Thoughts of Leaonard Plinth-Garnell are within my damaged mind. ("Welcome to bad war movies...") ("Welcome to Bad baseball...")

LC - that Cubana airliner does not inspire much confidence.

I thought that was LC in the first pic - wearing the beret.

Viva LC!

Leonard Plinth-Garnell...."wonderfully awful!!" Great reference.

@yb The Cubana air vessel was/is an Ilyushin Il-96. That's why I took a picture. There are about 10 still in service around the world. Air Zimbabwe has a few, which is probably all you need to know. The Russians don't even dare to fly them any more.


"Remember the Maine"!!

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