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Bidding adieu, to the Greek God of Walks

Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:


Rider on Green Line:
[Fan mental recalibration in 1, 2, 3,...]


Rider on Green Line:



Hitting a triple in your last at-bat is a pretty good way to go out.

Youk, annoying pitchers 2003.
The trolley, annoying riders since 1898.
Youk has reliability issues, trolleys have reliability issues.
The Sox have Will Middlebrooks. The T? Feh.

What a grub meister: the human sweat gland, dripping and twitching at the plate; as good as it gets at either corner and reliable and productive offensively. Gonna miss you Yoooooouk. You know, we've had some pretty class acts at third this last decade or so.

Good one on the T. My daughter rode it for the 1st time from Gov. Center to Kenmore on Father's Day for the walk--it was "annoying." Youk (who is currently criticized for his complaints) was such a class act when he kept producing when he was first brought up and then was sent down so many times.First time all year I can tip my hat to Bobby V. It was a good send off.

mrs sdu, the 9 y/o sox fan and me quite sad down under - we never quite get the business of baseball. Kevin, we hardly knew ya.


No one knows who gave the order. When I heard it, I wasn't angry; I knew Moe, I knew he was head-strong, talking loud, saying stupid things. So when he turned up dead, I let it go.

Indeed, yaz, this is the business we have chosen.

The part of me that understands that baseball is a results-driven business knows that it was time for Youk to move on. The fan part of me that likes to pretend that we root for more than just laundry is sad to see a guy who busts his butt go. On to the Middlebrooks era!

Couple memories of Youk stick out for me. The first is in the 2007 World Series when he didn't play in Colorado and was the head cheerleader, clapping away in the dugout with those big oversized mitens. And the second is from 2009 when he charged the mound, fired his helmet at Porcello and then tackled him. Both images sum up Youk for me. Fiesty, passionate, willing to do whatever the team needs him to do. I will miss him and his crazy batting stance. Sigh. My seat on the bus just got a bit comfier.

The bf is super hot on this kid Middlebrook and keeps tossing out all these oh-so-rational arguments about why this trade was a good thing (Youk's not hitting; the longer he's on the bench the worse for the Sox; is the wrist really healed?; Middlebrooks is the real deal)... and I can't even go there. I am with HunterStars. I get it's a business but it still hurts. But hey- at least no rumors of pill addiction to dodge on his way to Chicago. All hail the Cherington era!

I think I'm happier this way. I'd hate to see him cheapen the memory by struggling through a few more injury laden years of him hitting .250. This way he goes out on top, and maybe he puts together a 2nd career with 5 good years in Chicago.

The Sox got a good player and a true competitor, and the Sox can finally get out from under the pall of the Youk watch. Gonzo is back where he belongs, and hey, how bout them Cody Ross? Win-win.

Youk leaving is sad, even if it's the Right Thing. Another reminder that all good things must, indeed, end. It taps into something bigger than baseball for me.

So is Papi now the only player left from '04?

There was nothing pretty about Youk (including his face). He just tried harder. Every ugly man out there can relate.

The first time I saw Kevin Youkilis was on a TV in a BBQ place in Chicagoland, May 2004. He hit a home run in his first at-bat, and came into the dugout high-fiving the air before the team finally tackled him. My wife and I still high-five the air whenever his name comes up. He's always been fun to watch and we will miss him.

That ugly man Youk busted his ass, and for his troubles got two World Series rings and the right to call Tom Brady his brother-in-law. What That Really Means is a computation for greater minds than mine.

Man, those bastards don't waste any time. Email from the Sox, 10:25AM: "Welcome Youkilis back for the first time as a member of the White Sox"

Will Youk take the number 02 in the Windy City?

Youkilis booked his ticket out of town a long time ago when he slept with John Henry's wife.

True story (not really).

White Sox? Or BEARS?
Butkus, Singletary, Urlacher...Youk'd fit in perfectly at MLB. Chicago will love this guy. Wildcard, Series, Youk's Greek Steakhouse...it's all right in front of him.

How long before Pedroia's in Chi-town?

Watching Youks take his swan song goodbye was the saddest thing so far in this sad year. Glad he was able to do it on a hustle triple. Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouks.

Schilling is willing to come back for $50M over three years.

Sad but part of the game. At least when he comes back he'll be cheered instead of booed like Clemens. Hate to see a player like that go.

This seems appropriate (SFW): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rpogSP0Cew

Kaz, your story is partly true. I heard that she would only do it if Youk wore an ascot. H-Stars and Natalie are correct--same thoughts by a lot of people. I predict Youk does a Longoria on the boys and puts us out of that second wild card spot. Meanwhile I'll root for Aceves to end up with more saves than Pap.

Two emotions: sad that Youk is leaving due to nostalgia and all that.

Pissed that we get two scrubs and pay out $5.5M. The market for Youk was that cold??!!

I'm sad that the Sox think that a guy who is younger than me by a mere few months has seen his time come and go...

This is the first time in my life I feel fucking old. Pass the Scotch, and the Pepto.

pseudo, WAIT when you're, say, 40, you'll see players you watched as an adult getting into the Hall of Fame, or be kept out for drug use. When you're 50, players younger than your kids are considered old by their teams. An old former NHL player said this "When I played, I aged in dog years.". I bounced that off a former Red Sox, who agreed that when in baseball, thanks to the crazy hours, travel, and wear and tear, you age in dog years. (Dog Years, one year times 7 years).

cmdr, the last time I felt a mild twinge was when there were no longer any players left that were old enough to be my daddy...

Days do fly.

@pseudo: Mary Lou Retton, at 16, 1984. By comparison, baseball players have very long careers...

@Steve in MD. Absent a Soviet boycott of the '84 games, it would be Mary Lou Who?

adieu, KY

July 28, 2003, I was standing listening to Luscious hump the Red Sox' act at a local town meeting. Hah, those things are distant memories. I look up and KY is standing next to me. How long ago was that? He had long curly blonde hair, that's how long ago. Anyways, I turn to him and say, "what a crock of shit" and he kind of goes, "no shit". I said "have a good one". He was promoted to Pawtucket that night.

You're welcome.

historically and whatnot,


@yaz, the Romanians were still there... Besides, there's Nadia at 20, 1981.

// Besides, there's Nadia at 20, 1981 //

One of my first hard crushes... I couldn't watch her w/that music and not spring pole.

She was homely, in that Slavic way, with the bangs, and yet, OMFG, yes!

h.b., no love for Katarina Witt?

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