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Another Friday above .500

Cancel the ambah alert.


The kid who threw a no-hittah in his second start back in 2007 has been found.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, he says his grip was off.


One can nevah evah discount the importance of a getting oneself a good grip.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
I tell you, though, I'd be feeling a whole lot bettah about his next staht if Valentine didn't leave him out there for 125 pitches.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
I mean it's not like he had a no hittah going and they were up by 7 late.


Jeez, Arturo, if I wanted this much cyncism with my food I could have gone to one of the food trucks all the hipstahs are raving about.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
I dunno, Mr. Roy, I don't think you're attired appropriately... where's your savage denin and ironic retro t-shirt?



From gripe to a grip in one game. I wonder if Clay's significant other had a better grip on his Claymore recently.

Perhaps my hipster khakis and black polo shirt with the allergy/snot stain on the front should get a grip on a banh mi at lunchtime. Because you know, a 20-something Irish kid with dreadlocks and a food truck has got to be an expert on Vietnam.

my food truck rant:

The city has way overreached with the food truck thing. Food trucks are great (I love me some M & M Ribs and would go there when I worked in Upham's Corner years ago), but the fact is that there are a few places the trucks want to be (downtown by the office towers or next to a college campus) and the city has spots all over. I live in the South End and there are food truck spots but the trucks that are scheduled to be here never show up because they don't make money here. And the trucks don't help by being way over-priced. I could go sit somewhere if I wanted to pay $8 for a sandwich. There's a boom right now, but in two years most of these trucks will be out of business when people move on to the next trend.

TLDR: too many trucks that are too expensive. In a couple of years we'll all be back at the hot dog cart.


I totally agree with Doug...never underestimate the grip...very important...but sometime I, er, you know, switch the grip up...or even use the other hand. But Clay, don't do that, your too young, just monkey with the grip...save the other hand for when you are older and more jaded...we're still talking about pitching, right ;)

Yeah, Clay. If you don't switch the grip every now and then, all you'll be able to deliver is a curve.

@Jack, based on the truly world class women he's dated or married, I'd guess the Claymore takes a two handed grip...

There is a hot dog cart here in Fredericksburg VA called, "Green Monster Franks." He claims to be shipping in actual Fenway Frank brand dogs. I don't know if he really is, but he was the food vendor at an event I attended recently and I wasn't complaining about $4 for a dog, chips, and soda.

He is also violating several Red Sox trademarks, so he better hope John Henry never decides to visit the Civil War battlefields around here.

Bob, if you like banh mi I recommend the New Saigon Sandwich Shop on Washington Street. You'll be out $3.50 and the change from your $10 will come in handy around the corner at the Glass Slipper.

Maybe Bard should try reversing his grip. It couldn't hurt and might feel like the first time all over again...you know, when he was good, in the bullpen, as the closer nee setup man.

Camden North-- that's a good one. Time for my 4th annual trip to the city with my daughter (she turned 21 4 years ago)i.e. time to learn how to explore pubs. I purposely picked a week when the (lost) Boys are not home. We are staying at Omni Parker House...need some good bars in that end. Dirty Nellies is "colorful" and if the Celts are in- Remy's is a great place to watch...but can anyone give me some tips on bars walkable distance near the Omni?

Gosh, there really are some times I wish I had a penis...there's so many fun things to do with them.

@Pseudo, you have no idea...especially if a man is bored. Over the years in the ER, we see alot of strange stuff...it gets stuck in things, tied to things...the ingenuity boggles the mind.

I'll Have Another has been scratched from The Belmont. Tendonitis, evidently.

That horse should have changed his grip.

//That horse should have changed his grip.//

Literal LOLoudly

That's the fear with Clay's grip too- risk of tendonitits.

Pa, you have to hit Durty Nelly's (nee Pete's) if, and only if for no other reason than to meet Bob live and in person. Plus you'll get to go home with your very own signed Reed Sheppard original. Well worth the price of admission

One of Mrs. jeff's favorite stories from her time at Boston Medical Center was the penis who came in with twist ties turned so hard around the thing, it was beyond dark purple and they could not be untwisted. Wire cutters! Of course a bit of flesh was lost in the cutting.

But pseudo, there are so many other fun things to do with a penis as you say. Odd how difficult it is to convince others to have said fun with one's penis.

And this is what you get when the team is so dull.

Ooo, wire cutters and penises don't go together. Gives new meaning to the term grip it and rip it.

Well, summer hours dick-tate that I take my leave soon. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

//Gives new meaning to the term grip it and rip it//

I'm shriveling from just reading those words.

Sorry, hb, I could and did watch the game on MLB Network, complete with Don & Jerry. MLB Network knows quality and silliness (More Evidence: Intentional Talk, with Kevin Millar, silliest analist in MLBN's stable next to Shawn Casey) when it sees it. Normally when MLBN gives us poor dumb bastards in Mudville Don & Jerry, the Sox die another (night). But, It meant you had to do a strip. A jinx is fickle. (Who said that? My 60 year old memory is on the blink)

anybody besides me still choke up on the grip?

If I choke up on the grip, I send the ball about 75-100 yards further to the right, and into the picnic area and pissing the people there off because I do not yell FORE! If I yell fore, I get shot at. Its a tough course, Ya gotta run to your ball before some kid steals it. They are so tough they steal hub caps off moving cars! (How dated is that?? I haven't hd hub caps on my vehicles since, 1987!

@Commander: Been (unfortunately) cable-free for a while. Is Kevin Millar an "analist", "analyst", or possibly both? Swinging from both sides of the plate, as it were.

PaPesky, go up Beacon St and turn right on Bowdoin St and on your right is 21st Amendment.

Go down Tremont towards the Common and hang a left on Temple Place and you'll find JM Curley's at 21 Temple Pl. One of the best burgers in town and a good bar selection.

The Last Hurrah inside of the Omni is pretty good too...big whiskey selection.

Thanks Buckner and Kaz, The guy on Sunday night at Durty Nelly's is pretty funny but I will find out what this Reed Sheppard is all about. Kaz- I will take a walk to Curleys and taste their Jamison. Last year we were up for the Bruin's parade...maybe the Celts will still be there.

Curley's is more burgers and beer. The Last Hurrah has the whiskey.

Just sayin: I've never heard it referred to as the Omni - it's lovingly call the Pahkah House. Be sure to get a grip on the famous Pahkah House rolls.

So, the Nat's kid can evidently pitch...

Today we get lowest ERA in NL versus the return of Dice K. It's looking a lot like 2-4 against the O's and Nats at home... Somebody go find Pedro...

Well, a loss is a loss, but Dice-K was actually okay. Considerably better than I expected anyway.

Somebody call Dr. Who - I seem to be trapped in some alternate universe...

...with Amelia Pond.

I couldn't bring myself to sit down in front of the screen and watch Dice-K. It turned out OK though, because I knew we would lose that game too. Man, Strasburg has some nasty pitches and the Nats can hit the crap out of the ball when they need to in key situations. Davy Johnson is moving up on my list of hated managers. Showalter is at the top of my list and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But dang, swept at home by the Nats. Ugh.

Sadly, I have come to accept that this team will be at or below the .500 mark all season and likely not make the playoffs.

Where is the next bus stop?

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