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Hey, take that Theo. On any given day our last place, defensively challenged team can beat your last place defensively challenged team.


Yep, and no need to boot up Carmine when our managah has a "hunch" and goes with a middling middle reliever to staht in place of the DL'ed Beckett.


So what's the Morales of this story?


"One swallow does not a summah make."*


Is it next year yet?



.500 again! To put that into perspective, no one has ever hit .500. Even Ted Williams and Ty Cobb never reached the vaunted .500 mark.

Enjoy it while you can folks.

Typo in first square, should be "any" not "and".

A lot of baseball left...

//A lot of baseball left...//

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

I, for one, will welcome our new mediocre Red Sox overlords.

Mediocrity, thy name shalt be Red Sox.
"There I was in a lifeboat, with only food and water" W.C, Fields, with whom I identify, I am told much too often. I am not the twit that did a Peacock on the Network of the Peacock. Clever, he has future on public access.

We actually watched the entirety of the game last night, which was a first for me this season. It was quite enjoyable, except for every time I had to look upon Bobby Valentine's demented leprechaun face. The bf (who's clearly a much nicer person than I) thinks I am insane for holding on to this much hatred towards one little man, but he's far more sanguine about baseball than I. Do you think if we all in RS Nation took up a collection we could raise enough money to buy out BVs contract, or bribe him to leave town? Because seriously? I'll get on that.

I have to think that Tek and Damon batted 1.000 over the course of their careers.

While it may be generally true that "one swallow does not a summer make," my own experience in 1974 was certainly an exception.

Natalie - Tell me where and when to donate. I'm in.

That was like watching one of my daughter's tee-ball games.

@ Natalie: hiring a hitman would be way way more cost effective.

@urm, but far less legal. :) Let's think critically- there have got to be 1,000,000 disgruntled Sox fans, easy, right? We each give $20, that's a lot of money to walk away. I'll set up the PayPal link. Now how do we get the word out?

Sounds like a good kickstarter campaign.

I waited until the bus got out here to Chicago and I got my season bus ticket for the rest of the trip. IT's getting ugly. For those that are ESPN Insiders ...


It might be time to blow this team up. Dump some of the veterans, let the kids play, and see what happens.

jar- that article makes my eyes bleed. I am with COD- let's blow this fucker up: dump the veterans, call up interesting prospects from Triple A. Think of it as a blood transfusion, which this team clearly needs. However, since that's clearly not going to happen, the bus rolls on, fueled by resentment, anger, boubon and biodiesel. Is there ANYONE left who is not on board?

It seems that tickets are being given away on StubHub. The market has spoken.

Whoa there! No, no, no! You all have it all wrong! There is no problem with the Redsox. They sold bricks!

Only BigBri Nat,and that's because he's leashed to the bumper being dragged along behind like Angel in The Wild Bunch ;O

Natalie, every time I see Valentine's smug, dumb arse face I almost board the bus. When I hear his stupid languid voice I buy a ticket. I climb a couple of steps when I see Youk sulking, when I think about Gonzalez's praying and pretty much everytime Fat Josh opens his mouth. But, when all is said and done, I just can't root for the 'Sox to lose. If you knew the history of the Collingwood football club, you may well understand...

On a brighter, possibly related, note: the (as of yesterday) NINE year old 'Sox fan (whose actual name is Jack) has announced that the national anthme of Jackword (a happy place) is 'Take me out to the ball game'. So we've got that going for us.

In re Clemens - the presumption of innocence not rebutted. (I can't root for prosecutors either).

Saw the Wild Bunch at the drive-in at age 11. Dad thought it was going to be a John Wayne-type western. It certainly made an impression on me.

sdu, congrats to Jack. And many more. May he see another WS title (or at least a Cup)before he leaves his teens behind. Glad he inherited the good taste not to choose "Sweet Caroline". And I sincerely hope you are making an exception for the prosecutors of Bellefonte PA

youtube, facebook, twitter. start an FB group for the Buy Out Bobbies contract Consortium.

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