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You can wear white now, but hold the white flags just yet

While getting the win and getting back to the .500 mahk, is way bettah than the alternative option...


I've got to confess that it feels a bit Pyrrhic with winning it on a blown call.


Seriously. Take 'em when they come, but it's not something you can build a season around.


As they say in Japan, "But there is only one set of male organ."


Now I don't want to be overly optimistic here, but didn't anyone else like what they were seeing in Doubrant?


Consistent velocity with good movement on his pitches. 6 Ks in 6 innings... 4 on FBs, 1 on a cuttah, and 1 on a curve... All coming from a very tight release point.


I dunno, maybe...


But the thing is I've been drinking from the half-full cup for 2 months now and all I have to show for it is the need to take a wicked Sisypiss.



See, this is why you need to be drinking out of the half-empty cup: it's filled with top shelf bourbon. We here on the bus are feeling fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.....

Come on Natalie, that bus is fueled by used vegetable oil used to cook one set of male organ. That engine is going to seize up by mid-July.

as horrible as they've been the Sox are exactly 4.5 games out of first. Come on, embrace the mediocrity. It's big and squeezable.

yeah, 4.5 it's not a big gap...
But as they say in London "mind the gap"

I was going to step off the bus and jump on the Celtics bandwagon. Decided to stay put and rubberneck the carnage.

The half-full glass is really just an enormous jello shot in a Maß.
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma%C3%9F). Kool-aid will also be provided.

I saw that one set of male organ story the other day. This group of creeps is pre-K compared to that group of creepy folks.

As for the Redsox Entertainment Co., i will tip my hat to a reasonably entertaining episode put on by Valentine with the Fenway ghost plunking of Scott and subsequent Jerry Springer'esque to and fro with Maddon.

And NO ONE compares, creepy-wise, to the face eater in Miami. Now that story is FUCKED. UP.

No condiments either; he ate his dinner with a straight face.

I was out of town for the weekend and hadn't heard the story, but I just googled "Miami face eater" after reading Natalie's post. Good lord.

You've never had dickface like this! Imported Japanese dick, wrapped in succulent filet of cheek. Check out the latest, hippest in Japanese fusion bistros here in Miami.

Aah,you think you so smart with your large American penises ;)


also, .510 never felt so good!

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