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The glass is completely vacated

Well, the good news is things have gotten so bad that we're no longah in need of a scapegoat...


The whole herd and the shepherd are unwatchable, unrootable, and unable.


Hey, quit your bitchin', I mean, you got to witness the first major league game since 1925 in which both teams put a position playah on the mound.


And you got to see an All-Star first baseman strike out against a first baseman pitching.


This shit doesn't happen every day you know.


I think I need to place my fandom on the the extended DL.


Fuck that, I'm designating mine for assignment.



Two players-one cup??

Just to get the week off on the right foot ;O

H.B. already knows he has Friday off.

Yeah, it's going to be the season of 4 days weeks!

How far below .500 to they have to get before we drop to 3 day weeks?

Not to mention the guy who went 0-8 at the plate ended up as the player of the game.

Well, not the guy, a guy. Our own $125MM first baseman also pulled an 0-8 yesterday.

This would come in handy for whenever the Sox go to the bullpen. Or when ever there's a man in scoring position.


$26 for a 2 second buzz? PT Barnum lives ;)

...and he's French!!

Sometimes it's not about the buzz, it's about waking up the following morning next to a stranger, barely able to open your eyes, mouth so dry you could sand a boat. Sore and achy as all hell...you don't remember a lot of it, but the bits you do remember are dangerous and fun and kinda sexy.

You think you wouldn't ever do it again, but when that memory starts to fade, you do, and just enjoy the ride.

Hey, anybody know when the regular season starts? Spring training sure seems longer this year.

Forget the alcohol spray, do they have one for cheese? Or chocolate? All the taste, none of the calories... that would be heaven.

In re: the Red Sox-- "I think we need a bigger bus."

For PaPesky, courtesy of my German-speaking daughter.

'Meine schadenfreude ist völlig vermasselt'.

The German apparently drop their F-bombs in English, so there is no literal translation.

Thank-you Yazbread. I will pronounce this phrase with my best Col.Klink-gusto.I guess we need a "finish the sentence" exercise like they do on Pardon the Interruption. That is: The team I used to love is so bad that...
Women's softball on ESPN is comparatively as interesting.

on the bright side, the sox played more than four games against the borioles and only got charged with three losses... at that rate, they could make an 0-75 stretch last well into the fall...

I outright released my fandom. Unfortunately, it cleared waivers. Then, as with a racehorse with a broken leg, I had to shoot it.

The 11-16 record includes the 6-1 stretch against the AL Central. Could be worse ... could be raining.

FWIW, my alma mater is on the verge of its first Big 10 baseball championship since 1909, and possibly it's first #1 seed ever in the post season.

So at least I've got college baseball to pay attention to for the next couple of weeks.

Well, at least there's still a glass.

While we're stocking the bus with Jamaica's finest agricultural products, how about some curried scapegoat?


The glass tipped over, rolled to the edge of the counter, fell off, and shattered into exactly 146,371,619 pieces, each redeemable for $1 at the bank of Red Sox Nation (but only if you have a guaranteed contract).

It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. It ... It ... Will it get better?

Maybe it's like basic training, where the subject has to be stripped completly of all ego before being rebuilt in the image desired. They shall rise better than they were before (but not likely anytime soon).

Half empty.
Half full.
[insert Derby Winner name here]

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